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Approximately one-fifth of the applicants have been interviewed and the contract has been concluded with 7 new entrepreneurs. Capital Lending provides financial support to companies in various fields, both service providers, manufacturers, and merchants. It should be noted that Capital Lending services are available not only to Rigans but anywhere in Latvia, for example, the last cooperation project was implemented in Varaklani.

“Often even a small amount is essential for starting a successful business. That’s why we designed a product for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. In addition, we are able to evaluate and make a decision within a few days, which is important for business because a delay can change the situation. Data compiled by statistics compiled by SIA “Lursoft” show that 1260 SIA and 58 sole proprietorships were registered in the most popular forms of company in October (data on October 3 – 30).

Loan of between 100 and 1000 USD

The product developed by Capital Lending provides a loan of between 100 and 1000 USD without an additional pledge. In the initial period, the loan rate is 0%, which increases with the successful growth of the company, but the principal must be repaid within 2 years. This repayment schedule helps the entrepreneur with early cash flow planning and allows the loan to be repaid when the company is well established.

Capital Lending. is a financial company that invests in both equity and loan companies. In addition to offering finance products, quick loans, start-up loans, and alternative loans, Capital Lending advises companies on fundraising and company acquisitions.