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‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 3, Episode 15 Recap

This episode is a study of masculinity, patriarchal systems and how they oppress the people who live there, in the rising and crushed culture, in masochism.

Marcos tragically learns that his best friend’s mother has died, yet the show must go on. He doesn’t have time to cry or react consciously. Gary finds him on the upper deck where Marcos confides in him and shares that his friend cannot leave Miami and return to Venezuela, where his family is, due to immigration issues. Marcos can tell: the same thing happened to him after the death of his grandparents. Gary, bless his heart, does his best to comfort Marcos despite the emotional intelligence of a foot. He tells her that the guests can wait, but Marcos has no time to waste. It’s seafood night, and he rejects Gary’s offer to come hang out with him. He needs to focus and get on with his work.

In a confessional, Marcos cries. He reveals that he imagines losing his own mother and wishes it didn’t happen to him. Obviously, this news weighs on Marcos throughout the charter. How could he not? And unlike the rest of the crew, he has no one to help him do his job. It’s a team of one. Lone wolf. Worse still, diners are asking for an evening of molecular gastronomy. Not that Marcos would ever phone, but he literally can’t with this kitchen. Besides, these polite Canadian guests have the nerve to invite Captain Glenn to dinner. Not now, friends! Captain Glenn relays this news to Daisy, who tricks her and does not relay it to Marcos until the next day.

This is a huge mistake on Daisy’s part, and she knows it. Marcos has to delete his entire menu because he doesn’t have enough food for an extra dinner. He’s pissed off, for good reason. And the fact that the rest of the crew has gone wading in a relay race with the charter guests is simply salt in the wound. Edvard Munch could not have painted a sadder scene. The image of Marcos alone in the kitchen, tapping his knife against the tomatoes he most likely has at 86, while the others frolic, having fun in the sun in matching sailor uniforms, is definitely etched in my brain. I swear he was the only one with a job this episode! Save for the deckies by saving the Parsifal to drag again in the middle of 30 knots of wind – but how can I talk about this when Marcos is struggling with larger than life problems?

The food is, of course, faultless. If Marcos does one thing, it’s always deliver. The guests – and I – love Marcos. In fact, as the guests leave, lead guest Lane turns to Marcos to say, “I’ll keep an eye out, my friend, because I expect to see the word ‘Michelin star’ somewhere next to your name very soon. . Each dish totally redeemed the wind and the weather.” And these nice Canadians put their money where they say! The crew receives the biggest tip of the season: $23,000, or $2,555 each.

And they deserved it. Along with Marcos cooking through the grief, the rest of the crew relatively got down to business. As I said in the last recap, this charter wants the crew to join them in a relay race – and these folks clearly take their fun and games very seriously. They bring two sets of matching uniforms (Pirates and Sailors) and Captain Glenn is decked out in a referee outfit with matching arm floats. I still don’t understand or believe in the concept of having your crew participate in mandatory fun, but different shots!

These guests also introduce the boat, and the viewers, I’m sure, to the “Canadian tradition” of hurricanes. When I heard “hurricane” I thought of the classic New Orleans cocktail. I was wrong. According to this group, a hurricane is when a person shoots and gets a glass of water thrown in their face and slapped. The men on board want the stews to slap them. Scarlett slams the shit out of Lane and his cock immediately gets hard. This group loves costumes and humiliation (I’ll think about that a lot). To the extent that it’s a Canadian tradition, I’m not sure. Admittedly, I only did two quick Google searches (“canadian hurricane slap” and “canadian hurricane slap shot”), but I only found one Reddit post devoted to the phenomenon. Please comment below if you’ve heard of it before!

Poor Marcos can’t catch a break, though. At the prep sheet meeting, the team learns that for their final charter, the guests want a wedding officiated by Captain Glenn. Of course, they also want a tiered wedding cake, and oh yes, it has to be gluten and dairy free. This sends Marcos to the brink. “I am emotionally destroyed. I am stressed. I’m tired. It’s ridiculous. It’s too much, ”he says in a confessional. He needs a minute to process alone, and relays it. King of communication and the expression of one’s needs! Daisy has never seen him like this and is worried.

Like a good mother hen, she grabs Marcos for a cigarette during their dinner night and creates a safe space for him to talk about his feelings. He says he feels better at first, but after some pressure he starts crying. He goes through so much and so often pushes his emotions away to make room for work. He needs this release. I’m proud that Daisy gave Marcos this opportunity to open up. He says he’s just human. Real baby! Let yourself be! It’s normal not to be well. His confessional breaks my heart: “It’s the first time in the whole season that I think I’m not going to make it. It’s so serious. I may have reached my limit, and now I’m in a glass of water ready to drown. I pray for Marcos that he can get through this, but I wish he didn’t have to be strong. It deserves to be sweet and to have at least one singular evening between these consecutive charters.