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In order for everything to run smoothly in the workplace, there must be sufficient communication.

Communicating effectively means that your ideas and concepts are heard and people act on them. It also means that you are able to listen, understand and respond to what others are saying.

Innocent Hagenimana, communications officer at Rwanda Basic Education Board, says that a business or workplace is like a football team, where each player has to stand in their position but communicate with others so that they share the final results.

“Communication is the key to success not only in the workplace but also at the individual level. If a person is able to share his opinion, he is able to broaden his thinking, which can lead to big decisions or actions. This means that if an employee is able and free to communicate about the business of the company, ultimately that person will help the company move in the right direction, ”he says.

Gloire Kayitare, Project Manager at Talent Match, adds that good communication is one of the best strategies to ensure that all members of a team clearly understand what their responsibilities are and the expected results. And not only does this allow everyone to work for the company and its overall goals, it also helps build confidence and create a more pleasant working environment.

Allen Umutoni, who works in a sales company, says effective communication not only benefits the business, but also helps employees, managers and human resource management run smoothly.

“Effective communication is more than a conversation, it’s about exchanging information through multiple different mediums where employees can share ideas and company management is able to learn where to go. improve or even have ideas on how to achieve business goals. Success.”

How to improve effective communication

According to Kayitare, good communication in the workplace can eliminate unnecessary problems and promote better performance. The ability to communicate effectively in the workplace can increase overall productivity and build a strong team. When teams fail to communicate credibly, the results are counterproductive for the business.

He adds these few points to help improve good communication in the company:

Allow time for regular one-on-one meetings with employees

Schedule weekly work team meetings

Sharing minutes with the team

Follow up with effective grades and clear business expectations

Communicate with employees on a personal level

Make sure your team can provide confidential feedback

“Managers must understand the need to create an environment in which each employee can communicate freely with him and the rest of the staff in the company. Moreover, this is where innovation and creativity come from. However, it has to start with you as a manager, ”says Hagenimana.

In one of Justworks’s articles on how to improve communication in the workplace, they advise seeking feedback regularly and taking it into account.

Actively seeking constructive feedback is one of the best ways to improve communication in the workplace. One of the main obstacles to good communication in the workplace are missed signals and quickly formed assumptions. Some of them are positive “I enjoyed seeing your work ethic this week facing several different blockers” and others are more constructive: “I noticed you expressed frustration during our meeting. brainstorming this week. However, these moments of feedback are always the opportunity to get to the heart of a challenge or a victory.

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