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Center for Area Studies Welcomes Tribal/Community College Research Fellow: UNM Newsroom

The Center for Area Studies (CRS) welcomes Asa B. Stone as a Spring 2022 Scholar at Tribal/Community College. Stone is a faculty member of the School of Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and has served as an Affiliate Professor with the Institute of Resilience and Geography and Environmental Sciences at the UNM.

Asa B. Stone, Tribal/Community Academic Researcher

Stone is a social psychologist who specializes in pairing psychology with the world around us.

“Enriching life with psychology is my passion, and my mission is to elevate appreciation of human capabilities through science, education, and advocacy,” they noted.

Stone teaches psychology and sustainability at CNM, where they have been recognized as Distinguished Professors.

With support from CRS, Stone continues to build on ongoing work at UNM’s Resilience Institute. Their research focuses on the impacts of the convergence-based environmental justice curriculum on learners’ systems thinking, intersectional anti-racism, and cultural humility, as well as the perceived effectiveness of educators as environmental justice advocates.

Using UNM’s resources, Stone broadens her research networks and elevates her research experiences. They are currently mentored by Jaelyn deMaria, Assistant Professor of Communication and Journalism.

Stone will share her research with UNM students and faculty, as well as the community, by giving a public lecture at the end of their residency.