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Chautauqua Lake Central School announces students of the month | News, Sports, Jobs

The October students at Chautauqua Lake Central School are (top row) Ian Riedesel, Mallory Morrison, Taylor Donato, (bottom row) Lauren Jagoda, Brooke Feldt and John Roblero.

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua Lake Central School’s Students of the Month, honored for their achievements in October, are Ian Riedesel, Mallory Morrison, Taylor Donato, Lauren Jagoda, Brooke Feldt and John Roblero. The Student Recognition Program honors students in Grades 7 to 12 whose classroom performance, attitude to learning, work ethic and extracurricular activities set them apart.

Ian Riedesel senior is the son of Craig and Connie Riedesel from Mayville. He enjoys the Engineering Principles and Spanish courses the most this year. Ian has been a member of the CLCS soccer team since grade seven, and the golf team and High School Academic Bowl teams since grade eight. He is also an active member of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Ian enjoys playing soccer, hiking and traveling. Ian plans to attend university to pursue studies in mechanical engineering.

Mallory Morrison, a junior, is the daughter of Denver and Sarah Morrison of Sherman. This year, she enjoys the English and chemistry classes the most. Mallory has been on the school volleyball team since grade eight and the softball team since grade seven. This year, she was inducted into the National Honor Society. In his spare time outside of school, Mallory participates in Cheetah, a travel volleyball team, and also enjoys horseback riding and spending time in the woods. Mallory’s future plans include attending Penn State Behrend to become a physiotherapist.

Sophomore Taylor Donato is the daughter of Lee and Jason Donato of Dewittville. She enjoys chemistry the most this year. Taylor has been on the school’s football and basketball teams since she was in seventh grade. She is regularly featured on the honor roll and has won the Student of the Month award every previous year. Outside of school, Taylor enjoys sports and camping. After high school, Taylor plans to go to college.

Lauren Jagoda, a freshman, is the daughter of Steve and Beth Jagoda from Brocton. Her favorite courses are Spanish and forensics this year. Lauren joined the High School Academic Bowl team this year and also participates in the Impact Club. She has been on the honor roll since seventh year and earned the highest academic average in eighth year. Outside of school, Lauren enjoys practicing karate and has earned her purple belt. In the future, Lauren would like to enter the medical field and become a doctor.

Eighth grade student Brooke Feldt is the daughter of Jennifer Messinger and Dustin Feldt of Ashville. She enjoys math and art classes the most this year. Brooke was on the school’s volleyball team in grades seven and eight; in seventh grade, she also participated in women’s wrestling. Outside of school, Brooke enjoys drawing, reading, hanging out with friends and family, and going to church. Brooke plans to go to college to be a surgeon or an artist. She would also like to be “The first woman president”.

John Roblero, a seventh grader, is the son of Ociel Roblero and Edilia Cifuentes de Ripley. This year John is enjoying his science and math classes the most. Outside of school, he enjoys staying indoors, playing with his cat, and playing video games. At this point, John plans to become a mechanic for his future projects.

Teacher Tara Reyda coordinates the High School Student of the Month recognition program with the help of a selection committee, which includes teachers Michelle Rowe and Stephanie Janicki.

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