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China has confirmed its implementation of standardized 14nm technologies in the heart of the human body

Chinese authorities have officially confirmed that the country has the production capacity to produce modern chips using 14nm process technology. In fact, a representative from Shanghai Municipality pointed out that China’s leading high-tech enterprises are concentrated in Shanghai.

In the official speech, the idea was that Shanghai has become a technological center, with the help of which China can continue to develop the semiconductor industry, even if the United States has severe sanctions. According to Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Economy and Digitization, there are enterprises in the city capable of manufacturing 100-ton chips, processing 100-ton lithography machines, processing engraving of 500 tons and to manufacture ceramic plates 300 mm in diameter. As according to the Chinese official, all this is enough for the production of central processing units and 5G chips on their own.

According to the economist, this is the first time that the Chinese authorities have recognized the country’s ability to mass-produce a 12nm chip without using any imported technology. This statement appears to be a response to recent increased activity by the US government to introduce new anti-China sanctions. In particular, the US Department of Commerce recently banned China from manufacturing electrical supplies of devices capable of manufacturing semiconductors at a minimum of 14 nm.

Although the 14nm process seems quite close to the current frontier, this technology can meet most of China’s needs, experts say. Large-scale production to these standards will certainly depend on the automotive industry, IoT and local industry.

But at the same time, no one denies that Chinese specialists are carrying out research to improve existing technical processes, and with the help of more modern production standards, China will soon have a fuller history. Another example was announced: the Chinese contracting company has started producing artificial intelligence chips for bitcoin miners using 7nm processing technology. Close study of these chips revealed that they are 10nm and 14nm TSMC chips, based on the geometric geometry of the transistor gate, but their density is much closer to 7 and up process technology. at 7 nm. And that means all surprises are to be expected from China’s semiconductor makers, and it’s not clear that sanctions pressure can ruin their progress.

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