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DeliverFund announces 413 arrests and 72 victims rescued in multi-‘county’ or ‘agency’ anti-human trafficking operation

DALLAS, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DeliverFund, a dallasNon-profit intelligence organization that leverages advanced technology in the fight against human trafficking in United States and abroad, announced that it supported California seventh annual human trafficking operation that involved concurrent human trafficking operations between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The effort led by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force resulted in 413 arrests, with 30 suspected traffickers and exploiters arrested and 72 victims recovered, including 7 minors.

DeliverFund has joined over 80 participating federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces from across California in the week-long statewide effort of February 6-12, 2022assisting law enforcement in multiple trafficking cases, numerous traveler cases and numerous child exploitation cases.

Declared “largely successful” by participating law enforcement agencies, the main objective of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was to disrupt the human trafficking market by Southern California. In San Luis Obispo CountyDeliverFund staff directly assisted the San Luis Obispo County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, where investigators from multiple agencies and task forces came together to better respond to supply and demand. demand from the trafficking market as well as the market for the sexual exploitation of minors by finding traffickers, including pimps.

This close collaboration accounted for 7% of arrests directly related to trafficking in the statewide operation, and 2 female victims were also offered services. Over 100 escort publicity contacts were conducted by the investigation team.

“Our partnership with DeliverFund has ensured the success of our operation in three counties, meeting our goal of disrupting and dismantling trafficking activities and rescuing victims from their traffickers,” said San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow. “Our community is safer today thanks to the assistance DeliverFund provided to our law enforcement team. Our local operation led to the arrest of three individuals who were trying to buy a 13-year-old for sexual exploitation and six other arrests for trafficking-related offences.”

“DeliverFund has the largest analyst-curated human trafficking database in United States, and we’ve reduced the time it takes to identify a victim and persons of interest from weeks to just hours,” said DeliverFund Senior Targeting Analyst Shane Erickson. “We use the same technology that human traffickers use to scale their business tearing down their networks in real time. This allows law enforcement to investigate and prosecute individuals on a large scale.”

By identifying and arresting their abductors and pursuing successful prosecutions, DeliverFund and its law enforcement partners have observed a total disruption of the human trafficking market from the central coast of California in Southern California during the Reclaim and Rebuild operation.

Having this technology is essential, as traffickers rely on the internet to seek out opportunities to exploit the most vulnerable, especially teenagers. By understanding where these criminals lurk in cyberspace, specially trained cyber sleuths have been able to pose as vulnerable teenagers to interact with the suspects on social media and intercept their exploit attempts. Technology is also being used to help investigators identify physical locations where trafficking is likely to occur, keeping law enforcement efforts highly targeted and effective.

“This highlights the benefits of the public-private partnership model in counter-trafficking operations,” said DeliverFund’s chief operating officer. Michel Fullilove. “DeliverFund’s methodology and technology allow us to quickly identify victims of human trafficking and map human trafficking networks. Combined with the expertise, professionalism and authorities of our trafficking partners law enforcement, we collectively have a greater impact by freeing more victims, arresting more traffickers and dismantling more human trafficking networks.

Reclaim and Rebuild also provides rescued victims with much-needed services through various agencies of the Department of Children and Family Services and county victim service providers and other non-governmental organizations.

The Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force oversaw the coordinated effort, noting that while major events like the Super Bowl increase sex trafficking activity, it is a lifelong problem. year and which requires and deserves daily attention.

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dallasDeliverFund is a private, not-for-profit intelligence organization that leverages cutting-edge technology and analytics to combat human trafficking around the world. Its International Human Trafficking Analysis Center (iHTAC) serves as a centralized, all-source, shared knowledge and deconfliction platform for the collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence on human trafficking. Founded by military special operations and CIA veterans, DeliverFund also trains law enforcement officers in the use of specialized technologies and targeting methodologies to ensure they can help victims of trafficking. human beings and bring their traffickers to justice.