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DTR authorities on high alert after Friday’s human kill by a tiger

The killing of a tiger by a tiger near the Dudhwa buffer zone forests in Manjhra on Friday night has the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) authorities concerned.

Their concern has a lot to do with how Mohan Das, 52, a local priest was killed on Friday. Apart from the head and part of the priest’s hand, the rest of the body was devoured.

“Big cats can attack humans and lead to their death. However, eating the human body is a matter of grave concern to us,” said Sanjay Kumar Pathak, Field Manager, DTR.

Sundaresh, Deputy Director of Dudhwa Buffer Zone, said: “Normally the big cats avoid eating human flesh, however, the Friday night incident in which the tiger killed and ate most parts of the body indicates that it is becoming a man-eater.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF), Project Tiger Kamlesh Kumar, along with Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Information Technology) Vishnu Singh, DTR Field Director Sanjay Kumar Pathak and Deputy Director from Sundaresha buffer zone visited Manjhra Purab tiger forest area. and inspected the place.

Field manager Sanjay Kumar Pathak said, “In consultation with locals, some hotspots were selected where cameras would be installed to identify the wandering tiger.”

He said: ‘A detailed report of Friday’s human killing had been sent to PCCF, Wildlife seeking their permission to tranquilise the wandering tiger.

DD, Buffer Zone Sundaresha said, “A WhatsApp group including forest authorities, local villagers had been formed for better communication and coordination about the stray tiger.

Elephants will patrol the forest area of ​​Manjhra Purab

The forestry authorities have hired elephants, Jaymala and Champakali, to patrol the Manjhra Purab forest area to avoid any further incidents. Drone cameras have also been put into operation to monitor the movements of the big cats.

FD Sanjay Kumar Pathak said: “About two dozen forest officers have been deployed to provide surveillance and help patrol the area.”