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BRIDGTON – Bridgton Senior College fall classes will meet in person on the web Tavern at the Magic Lantern Theatre, 9 Depot Street in Bridgton. from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from September 12 to October 11.

Senior College membership is valid for the academic year, September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023. The annual fee is $25 and allows enrollment in fall, winter, and spring classes. Course fees are $18 for each of the two four-session courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One-day classes are $10 each. Proof of COVID-19 vaccinations and masks will be required to attend classes.

For more information, additional registration forms and special announcements, visit our website: or call 207/647-5593.

Shakespeare’s Henry V
Marguerite Reimer
Mondays September 12, 19, 26 and October 3.
Henry V, celebrated as one of medieval England’s greatest warrior kings, was King of England from 1413 until his death in 1422. While his reign was relatively short, Henry’s bravery on the field of battle and his outstanding military successes in the Hundred Years War against
France made England one of the strongest military powers in Europe.

Maine’s Native Plants and Pollinators: They Need Our Help
Nancy Donovan
monday october 10
Gazing out her window and imagining birds, bees and butterflies visiting colorful ground covers and gardens, Nancy Donovan signed up for the Maine Cooperative Extension’s master gardener volunteer program in Paris. Her goal was to learn successful gardening practices for her own gardens and potentially help others avoid gardening mistakes.

Mysterious Maine script
Rowland Creitz
Tuesday, September 13.
Are you curious about how mystery books are developed? Mystery writer Rowland Creitz will discuss the differences and commonalities between the three literary genres of action, suspense and mystery. He will use various well-known novels to shed light on the
discussion. Her presentation will indicate whether or how her novels fit into one or more of the three categories. He will also explain how he approaches his writing and how he gets it published and marketed.

fine arts factor
Ian Factor
tuesday september 27

The grand opening of Factor Fine Art, Bridgton, took place on June 25th. Ian Factor, Founder/Director/Instructor, will talk about his journey in the art world related to art history and famous artists. He will discuss socio-economic and cultural influences on art today. He will explain his vision for his gallery and art in Bridgton, beginning with five-week courses in watercolor and observational drawing and two-day workshops.

Clean water is vital
Alanna Yanelli
tuesday october 4
Clean water is vital for all living creatures, including humans. We need it to survive everyday and use it for everything from drinking to showering to flushing the toilet. But did you know that there is water in all the goods we buy? From transportation to food to clothing, water is used throughout the supply chain.

Loon Echo Land Trust
Matt Markot
tuesday october 11
Over the past three years, demand and interest in outdoor spaces and recreational opportunities all over the world has skyrocketed. How to balance access to the outdoors with impacts on natural resources? How do we move towards a future with ample and equitable access to the outdoors? Matt will also discuss recent LELT land and trail protection projects, collaborative efforts to protect land in the Sebago Lake watershed, and ways community members can help protect important places in their community. .

Former “Billboard” headstones of Bridgton and Harrison
Ron Romano
Wednesday, September 28
An unusual form of headstone was produced in Maine in the mid-1800s. Consisting of large slabs of stone usually held aloft by granite posts, these monuments resemble road signs and have been called “signpost” monuments. advertisements” by historian and author of cemeteries Ron
Romano. Rare and often overlooked, there are only 42 known in Maine, three of which are in Bridgton and Harrison.

SPACE: the race to the final frontier
John Doughty
Wednesday, October 5
An arms race is brewing in orbit. Access to space has become much more affordable as launch and equipment costs have fallen sharply. These factors fuel a thriving space industry as dozens of countries and companies explore ways to use space. Meanwhile, China is a big challenge to America’s primacy in space. Increasingly, space is becoming more and more militarized as several nations have developed, tested, and deployed various counterspace systems. We will discuss the commercial and security aspects of the new space race as well as some of the major space exploration programs.

Bridgton Senior College is the hometown program for anyone 50 or older in Bridgton and surrounding Lake District communities to learn new things and meet new friends. The Senior College holds spring, fall, and winter sessions each year designed to appeal to all tastes. Membership is open to any senior in the Lake District.

Reservation forms are available at Bridgton Library and on the Senior College website: Everyone must complete and return the booking form by September 9 to secure a place in the class(es) you wish and return the form to: Senior College at Bridgton, PO Box 308, Bridgton, ME 04009. If you have questions, contact Kappy Sprenger, Senior College Registration, at 207-647-5593 or [email protected] Class sizes can be limited at the request of the instructor. In these cases, class places will be allocated in the order of receipt of paid registrations.