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Fake Photos of Women Online: Journalist Sends Legal Notice to Tech Giants GitHub and Twitter

Days after Delhi Police filed a complaint related to pictures of abused muslim women on a website, a Delhi-based reporter sent a legal notice to tech companies Twitter and GitHub for details of who created the website and shared her spoofed photos with objectionable comments.

The website hosted by the US-based open source platform GitHub had posted photos of more than 100 Muslim women with obscene and vulgar remarks. Screenshots of these photos with the caption “Deal of the Day” were shared widely on Twitter.

Last Saturday, the journalist filed a complaint with Delhi police and there was a case of sexual harassment and incitement to enmity between groups.

The Delhi Police Cybercell sent a request to GitHub via the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) to assist with the investigation.

In the notice sent to GitHub and Twitter offices in the United States and India, the woman’s lawyer asked the companies to help them identify the accused people who created and uploaded photos to the website. The complainant also demanded that all such “offensive” messages be removed from GitHub and Twitter and that companies take preventative action.

“Bulli Bai (the website) and the tweets that followed are deeply disturbing as they demean and insult women in general and Muslim women in particular. These are inherently violent, threatening, and are designed to intimidate my client and others. Such abusive statements on social media, regardless of the format or subtleties of the technology, cannot be tolerated and the platforms you operate, Avis, also cannot be used in such an unlawful manner by sections. fanatics and misogynists of society, ”reads the opinion written by the lawyer.

The complainant asked the companies to provide details of the users who created the website, the names of all users who accessed the website and the users who posted tweets and retweets supporting the website.

“There must be mechanisms in the form of surveillance, automatic or human, that can shut down websites / portals / apps like ‘Bulli Bai’ or earlier ‘Sulli agreements’ from the moment they are created, as they undermine human dignity. and the rights of Indians and Indians. International laws, ”reads the opinion.

The companies have seven days to file a response, failing which the complainant has said they will take further legal action.

Meanwhile, Mumbai police on Wednesday makes the third arrest in the case based on an FIR registered in Mumbai