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HIV treatment made with CRISPR technology obtains FDA approval for human trials

We may soon be very close to a cure for HIV as a proven CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology in mice is now approved for human clinical trials.


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CRISPR EBT-101 Based Therapy Created By Excision Biotherapeutics To Be In Human Trials Soon After Receiving FDA Clearance, according to the company Press release.

According to Excision, the new therapy could replace standard retroviral therapy which prevents HIV from replicating but does not completely eliminate it from the body. Essentially, this means that patients continue to live with the treatment while experiencing serious side effects that impact quality of life.

Led by Dr Kamel Khalili, the pioneer in the development of CRISPR-based gene editing technology, the new treatment has shown that EBT-101 can efficiently excise HIV proviral DNA from the genomes of different cells and tissues., including human cells infected with HIV and cells and tissues of humanized mice.

The researchers, together with Tricia H. Burdo, PhD, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Education in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Inflammation, revealed that gene-editing technology is also capable of eliminating SIV – a virus closely related to HIV, derived from the genomes of non-human primates.

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Khalili said in a statement: “Clinical trials highlight a well-orchestrated succession of Temple’s academic research results, now with translation [of those findings] in the treatment of people living with HIV-1 infection, which is an exciting development. “

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Lisa Danzig, MD, Medical Director of Excision, added: “EBT-101 has demonstrated the elimination of proviral DNA in several animal models and offers people living with HIV the ability to potentially discontinue therapies. for life.

Based on their statement, the biotech company is now planning to launch a phase 1/2 clinical trial that would be scheduled for later this year.

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