Not everyone has enough cash left to buy a motorcycle or scooter. If you have some time and patience to get your bike on the first tour, saving is a possibility. It’s best to plan how much you can spend each month to see how long it takes for you to collect the necessary amount.

Use Dispo for the purchase of a two-wheeler

If it’s short-term, you can use your checking account. However, plan right up until when you can clear your account again. On the one hand, the interest rates can be high at the Dispo, on the other hand, you are otherwise not liquid when it gets financially tight.

Finance a motorcycle with an installment loan

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You want to make nails with your head and quickly call a motorcycle or a scooter your own? Then the installment loan can be a good alternative. If you make a loan application and you meet the requirements, the bank in question will transfer the required amount to you. In this way, you can act as a cash payer with the merchant and thus benefit from special offers.

For example, to receive an installment loan from C+ Credit, these criteria must be met:

  • You are of legal age.
  • You have a permanent residence in Germany.
  • You earn a regular income and have worked at your current employer for at least three months at a time.
  • You do not have a negative Schufa entry or similar negative features with other credit bureaus.

When you have received the money, you pay back the loan amount within the agreed term in monthly installments.

Finance a vehicle with a dealer


In addition to banks, dealers also offer financing on installments. There are different options with or without down payment and different terms. Even used motorcycles and motorcycle equipment can be financed by installments at many dealers. As a rule, traders work with one or more banks to handle the loan. Possibly also a so-called balloon financing makes sense for you. The monthly rates are relatively low and only at the end of a larger sum is due. Either pay this balance directly or you can finance it with another loan.

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