Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and freelancers have great problems having debts with Social Security . These debts are generated little by little, by not being able to pay the own quotas or those of the workers of the company in question. So they find they do not know how to pay the debt with Social Security . This situation of defaults triggers sanctions that debtors must face.

how you can deal with the debt with Social Security

how you can deal with the debt with Social Security

It must be made clear that the debts that are claimed have an amount greater than the amount that was left to pay, due to the multiple interests that are added in this period. The surcharges that are applied to the debts with the Social Security are the following:

  • 3% of the amount that has not been paid, with a delay of one month with respect to the term of payment of the fee.
  • 5% for delays of defaults of two months.
  • 10% for delays of three months.
  • 20% for delays greater than three months.

When prescribing a debt to Social Security?

When prescribing a debt to Social Security?

Through the prescription of debts with the Social Security all rights and actions of any kind are extinguished. So when it prescribes a debt with social security, after the deadline set by the Law to make the payment, it does not have to be carried out. Although, when prescribes a debt with the Social Security of self-employed? Unlike another type of charge, the debts with the Social Security prescribe at four years. At that time, the right to Social Security to claim, demand, determine debts is terminated; any action to impose sanctions and, also, the obligation of the debtor to pay the amounts to said entity.
Therefore, the obligation to pay a debt to Social Security as well as surcharges and any concept related to that case, will prescribe when four years have passed since the exact date on which the term established for its entry ends.

On the other hand, we must take into account that, contrary to this expiration date, it is possible that a debt with the Social Security of self-employed workers is interrupted. That is, the fractionation of the debt with Social Security can be carried out and can even be taken up again later.

Solutions for long-term cases

long-term loan

Are there alternatives? Can you pay the debt with social security in installments? When the debts with the Social Security are greater as a consequence of prolonged non-payments, the solutions are different. A first option is to request the deferral of the debt with Social Security and another, the fractionation of the debt with Social Security , within a maximum period of 5 years. Facing the payment of the installments will be more comfortable in installments.

However, you should know that there are two types of fees that can not be deferred. First, the fees paid to offer coverage for any work-related accident and / or illness. Second, an employer with workers under his charge. However, you can pay the debt with the Social Security in installments by self-employed. The General Treasury in that case will give you a calendar in which the payment dates and amortization tables will be specified. The interest that the Social Security will charge you will only be the legal interest of the money.

Another advantage that we find at the time of the postponement of the debt with the Social Security is that you will no longer have the qualification of default, since the debt will no longer be reflected as such when the certificate is requested to be up to date with payment this institution.

It is interesting to know that the General Treasury has introduced other variants to facilitate late payments for those who have debts with Social Security. For example, payment by debit or credit card , as well as payment by telematic means.
Finally, another option that some people choose is to declare themselves insolvent , that is, to declare themselves unable to assume these payments due to the personal situation that they are going through. However, resorting to this assumption as a defense strategy is very risky and one must be sure that it can be accredited before a judge. Therefore, it is not advisable to continue in this way unless you have the legal help of a competent lawyer in the matter.

How to resolve your debts with Social Security

How to resolve your debts with Social Security

For the debts with the Social Security that are not excessive, contracted after the non-payment of one or two monthly installments, one way to face this payment and to catch up is to resort to the immediate online credits . It is a quick, simple and very convenient solution to quickly solve unforeseen expenses like these, perfect for cases in which you do not have the necessary liquidity.

The advantages of these quick loans Internet are many, that’s why its use increases among people year after year. For example, one of the advantages is its immediacy: you will have them in your checking account 10 or 15 minutes after completing the application, without wasting time in the bureaucracy, without collecting all kinds of information or documents. They are fast credits without papers . In addition, they can be requested from any place, where you are at the moment when that unforeseen event arises; not only from your home computer, but also from any location, using your smartphone. You can even do it from the same Social Security office, so that late charges will not go any further.

There are also 24-hour credits available . Finally and finally, another of the great advantages is that anyone can receive one of these microloans, even those who do not have payroll, do not have an endorsement or have already withdrawn as self-employed.

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