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I want to show you the most awake company in the world – you are going to be embarrassed for them


How do you present yourself to people? You are probably saying your name. It’s just being normal and friendly – so people know what to call you; maybe so they can match you with someone they’ve only met by phone or email before. Saying your name is just normal human communication.

If the nature of your meeting is important, you can also identify yourself by another characteristic.

But what do you think of this?

I swear it’s true:

What did I just watch?

On tonight’s show, we’re going to break down a video from Microsoft Ignite.

I do not know what it is. Because my head is filled with things that would remind you of a college freshman grievance study class: You’re going too far.

I’m pretty sure that in Huawei’s tech labs at Lenovo headquarters they don’t identify with their height, hair color, or ethnicity. Then again, there really isn’t much diversity in these companies – not even other Chinese ethnicities like Uighur Muslims.

I never want to treat minorities like the Chinese dictatorship does. But what we have here, while perhaps not as bad, is more absurd – turning humans into nothing but race, sex, and gender – and hairstyle, size, and sleeves.

This is madness. It is decadent. This is what Rome must have looked like in its final decades before its fall.

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