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India Human Machine Interface (HMI) Growth Opportunities Report 2021 – New Revenue Opportunities for OEMs with Added Cab Features and Technologies –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “Indian Human Machine Interface (HMI) Growth Opportunities” report was added to offer.

Demand for comfort, convenience and connected car technologies will propel the market to $ 1.67 billion in revenue by 2027

This research offers revenue and unit shipments forecast (2021 to 2027) for the entire India HMI market by segment (radio, display audio, and navigation). It also includes a HMI share forecast for each major OEM by system type and includes a breakdown of their HMI portfolio functionality.

The Indian automotive HMI system market is experiencing technological change as more and more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) introduce advanced infotainment systems with each new model launched. Growing demand for comfort, convenience, safety and security has driven the market for cars with advanced HMI functionality, more connected technologies and the integration of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions.

Most high-end OEMs in India now offer audio display or navigation units as standard except for the base variant, while volume OEMs are quickly turning to offering these units. Large touch screens supporting smartphone integration and navigation HMI units are gradually replacing traditional radio / stereo units.

Main issues addressed

  • What are the growth opportunities for OEMs in the HMI market?

  • What are the drivers and constraints of the HMI market?

  • How are the types of HMI systems distributed among OEMs?

  • What is the HMI market share for the next 5-6 years compared to the baseline year?

  • Who are the main players / OEMs, and what is their place in the HMI market?

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it harder and harder to grow taller?

  • The strategic imperative

  • The impact of the 3 main strategic imperatives on the in-car infotainment system industry

  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. Analysis of growth opportunities, Indian HMI market

  • Scope of the HMI market analysis

  • HMI system segmentation

  • Segmentation by type of car manufacturer

  • Segmentation of body types

  • Key Competitors for HMI Systems

  • Key growth indicators for the Indian HMI market

  • Growth drivers for the HMI market

  • Growth constraints for the HMI market

  • Forecast assumptions, Indian HMI market

  • Revenue Forecast by Segment, Indian HMI Market

  • Unit shipment forecast by segment, Indian HMI market

3. Analysis of growth opportunities, radio units

  • Key growth indicators for radio units

  • Revenue and shipping forecast of units, radio units

  • Forecast analysis of revenue and price trends, radio units

4. Analysis of growth opportunities, display of audio units

  • Key growth indicators for Display Audio Units

  • Unit revenue and shipping forecast, audio unit display

  • Forecast revenue and price trend analysis, display audio units

  • Analysis of growth opportunities, navigation units

5. Key growth indicators for navigation units

  • Unit shipping receipts and forecasts, navigation units

  • Price trends and forecast analysis, navigation units

6. OEM strategy

  • Competitive environment, HMI market

  • Indian HMI Market Share – Percentage Penetration Forecast

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Maruti Suzuki

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Hyundai

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Tata

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Kia

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Mahindra

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Renault

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Toyota

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Honda

  • Analysis of HMI shares – Ford

  • Analysis of HMI shares – VW

7. Portfolios of automobile manufacturers, India

  • Comparative analysis of HMI functionalities – Overall

  • Maruti Suzuki – Features of the HMI

  • Hyundai – HMI Price

  • Tata – HMI functionalities

  • Kia – HMI price

  • Mahindra – GUI Features

  • Renault – HMI pricing

  • Toyota – HMI Specifications

  • Honda – HMI price

  • Ford – HMI Specifications

  • VW – HMI price

8. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – Customer interest in connected services for reach and compatibility with advanced in-car infotainment systems

  • Growth Opportunity 2 – New revenue opportunities for OEMs thanks to added features and technologies in the cabin

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Advanced infotainment systems and connected technology will initiate mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures

9. Next steps

Companies mentioned

  • Ford

  • Honda

  • Hyundai

  • Kia

  • Mahindra

  • Maruti Suzuki

  • Renault

  • Aunty

  • Toyota

  • VW

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