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Katha Pachisi – The Story Bank Moves Forward to Harness the Power of Storytelling for Better Communication

Katha Pachisi is a communication platform that harnesses the power of storytelling to communicate effectively.

Based in Gurgaon, Katha Pachisi – The Story Bank is a history consultancy firm that has helped multiple clients deliver the right message and connect with the target audience.

With the vision of creating powerful and magnificent speakers through training to unleash their potential, Katha Pachisi has trained over 3,000 business professionals and educators with over 100 training sessions in various communication workshops.

In today’s world with attention deficit, it is essential to use effective tools for better communication. And what could be better than telling stories! Monika Tandon, Founder and CEO of Katha Pachisi is a passionate storyteller who helps people better communicate their ideas through stories.

She says, “Business storytelling is always purpose driven. Sharing stories in the workplace has become a powerful business practice for communicating, informing and educating. She is a certified expert in Japanese and Swedish in addition to holding a PGDM (HR) diploma. With over 15 years of professional experience in the corporate sector and as a business storyteller, Monika Tandon created Katha Pachisi to help brands tell their stories. Her book “Connect through Storytelling” is a comprehensive guide on how to harness the tools of storytelling and incorporate stories in the workplace to communicate effectively.

Katha Pachisi is proud to have organized storytelling workshops for government agencies, many educational institutions, companies like IBM, PepsiCo, DIAGEO, GSTN, Bhaichung Bhutia Football Academy, Tavant Technologies, Story Pack Berlin, Hero Moto Corp, Usha Martin, Delhi Police, Oxford Bookstore and Times Group – NIE, JK Business School and NGOs. Reinforced by professional storytellers and communication strategists, Katha Pachisi organizes countless and varied storytelling sessions for industry professionals and educational institutes.

In addition, he also trains educators and business professionals to make their stories compelling and polish them as magnificent orators in the workplace. Their programs include Lead with Storytelling – Art of storytelling for leaders, Life Skill Enhancement Programs, and Fit for The Future – On-Demand Tailored Life Skill Courses.

The Lead with Storytelling program equips participants with storytelling skills that they can use to improve their everyday communication skills. Life skills improvement programs enable stakeholders to improve their life skills by implanting a new set of thought processes. The team also offers personalized training programs based on basic storytelling methodology to meet organizational requirements.

Katha Pachisi plans to collaborate with highly skilled and certified professionals to drive organizational level transformations by combining functional and narrative skills such as digital transformation, financial transformations, cultural transformations, etc.

Stories have the power to shape, reinforce and challenge opinions and values. It attracts attention and leaves an impact on human beings forever. Visit to learn more about storytelling.

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