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Kayhan Space Unveils Nexgen Spaceflight Safety Platform – SatNews

With thousands of satellites and countless pieces of debris bound for busy orbits, Kayhan Space has now unveiled its new generation Scout™ spaceflight safety platform to enable satellite and mission operators to better manage operational risks and perform preemptive maneuvers based on precision analytics to avoid pile-ups in space.

Pathfinder screenshot from Kayhan Space.

Capella area, Globalstar and Global Lynk are among an initial group of leading operators using Kayhan’s standalone, subscription-based Pathfinder platform following successful beta deployments of the solution, which was officially rolled out for general availability last week.

Among the product’s advanced capabilities, the cloud-delivered offering uses proprietary advanced algorithms along with accurate space catalog data, operators’ GPS positioning signals, propulsion capabilities and flight plans to simulate, coordinate and quickly generate optimal maneuvering options in the event of an accident. threat or potential conjunction of imminent collision. This revolutionary platform enhances communication and coordination capabilities between operators and agencies to improve overall situational awareness in the global space.

Kayhan Pathfinder can also optimize revenue-generating missions wherever possible by scheduling pre-planned and pre-planned maneuvers during operational downtime. An advanced product edition enables precise orbit determination capabilities to significantly improve the accuracy of satellite trajectory predictions, keeping local operations meeting (RPO) and other sophisticated maintenance operations in space safely.

Kayhan Space’s roadmap leads to a spaceflight safety software solution that encompasses the entire mission lifecycle – from launch and in-orbit collision avoidance maneuvers to spacecraft de-orbit and decommissioning.

Our next-generation Kayhan Pathfinder comes at a critical time, as satellite and mission operators need accurate, real-time data to inform automatic alerts and decisions to safely navigate busy orbits and avoid accidents in space.,” said Siamak Hesar, co-founder and CEO of Kayhan Space. “Manual collision avoidance processes are prone to human error and simply cannot stay ahead of the increasingly crowded orbits and growing number of complex collision scenarios they represent. Kayhan Pathfinder is an autonomous spaceflight safety platform that allows operators to execute their missions in the busiest orbits with confidence.”

We are thrilled to be among the first to use Kayhan Space’s next-generation Pathfinder spaceflight safety platform on part of our satellite fleet.said Rico Walker, Director of Mission Operations for Capella Space. “Capella is committed to making the space operationally sustainable and safe. Our collaboration with Kayhan Space plays a big role in our ability to fly into increasingly crowded orbits that have become a priority for communities and businesses based on connectivity and content across the globe.

Kayhan Space already provides a wide range of spaceflight safety services to many of the world’s largest satellite operators, running hundreds of satellites on our Pathfinder platform in multiple orbital regimes around Earth.,” said Araz Feyzi, Co-founder and CTO of Kayhan Space. “Pathfinder allows operators to optimize missions by avoiding unnecessary and costly maneuvers and provides an exciting path for safe and secure operations in the new space economy..”