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KT commercializes an AI control tower solution for the automated management of communication networks

[Courtesy of KT]

SEOUL — KT, South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, has released an artificial intelligence-based control tower solution that can help businesses and infrastructure operators easily manage their communications networks in time. real. The solution can monitor various communication data and preemptively detect network malfunctions in real time and provide solutions to fix problems without the need of a human communication network specialist.

KT’s AI-based control tower solution “AiON” integrates AI technology and software-defined networking (SDN) technology. Using SDN, network operators can manage multiple networks using software solutions that visualize various data and provide remote maintenance capabilities.

The telecommunications company said in a statement that it has started commercial operation of AiON to efficiently manage the communication infrastructure installed in a 75.2-meter-tall building located in the southwestern district of Geumcheon in Seoul. AiON will help commercial operators and network managers manage and operate enterprise communication networks without the need for a communication network specialist. The AI-based control tower solution can detect and analyze malfunctions in minutes.

“Through AiON, we will lead digital transformation in the communications management industry to provide enhanced services to customers,” said Lee Jong-sik, head of KT’s infrastructure research and development lab, in a statement. announced on May 1.

KT will develop 5G network solutions that can be used by other companies. In July 2021, the telecommunications company launched a 5G autonomous commercial service for smartphone users and businesses that would accelerate the development of new technologies such as autonomous driving and smart factories. The 5G network can improve the efficiency of massive data traffic and enable ultra-low latency and much higher capacity without relying on 4G infrastructure.

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