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KUNA: Kuwait RIHS sets up 2 Ramadan food projects in Jordan – Human

09:33 GMT

(RIHS) implemented “Iftar for the Fasting” and “Ramadhan Food Basket” projects for Syrian refugees and Jordanian families

AMMAN, Apr 7 (KUNA) — The Kuwait Islamic Heritage Renewal Society (RIHS) has implemented the “Iftar for Fasting” and “Ramadan Food Basket” projects for 2022 for Syrian refugees and Jordanian families. vulnerable in different areas of northern Jordan.
The managing director of the Jordanian Charitable Society, the implementing agency for the two projects, Khaled Nawasra, told KUNA on Thursday that the two projects, along with a generous donation from the Kuwaiti RIHS, target Syrian refugees living in the towns and villages of Ramtha, Al -Naima and Sahel Horan in the governorate of Irbid.
The “Iftar for Fasting” project benefited more than 500 widows and orphans living in residential compounds, as well as hundreds of Syrian refugee families, which included the distribution of hot cooked meals, with a total of 5 000 meals distributed throughout the holy month of Ramadhan, Nawasra added.
The “Food Basket” project has also been implemented, targeting Jordanian widows, orphans and poor families in these areas, he said, noting that 144 food baskets have been distributed so far, containing basic foodstuffs that are sufficient for small and medium-sized families. for nearly a full month.
Nawasra highlighted the concern of the Kuwaiti RIHS Arab Committee to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of destitute families amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and its negative effects on societies.
RIHS’ charitable projects in Jordan, over a 10-year period, have targeted the sectors of health, education, rehabilitation and decent living, as they have benefited needy Jordanian and Syrian families, a- he explained. (end)