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Langley All Candidates Meeting Focuses on Climate Change


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Climate change was a key topic at the All Candidates Meeting in Langley on Friday, which was attended by representatives from the Conservative, Green and Liberal parties.

The event was hosted by Climate Crisis Langley Action Partners (CCLAP) and Trinity Western Environmental Club, a club at Trinity Western University, a private Christian post-secondary institution.

Lionel Pandolfo is climatologist and president of CCLAP. He says hosting meetings like this is important across Canada, not just in Metro Vancouver.

“As you move out of Metro Vancouver, people aren’t as aware and they don’t want to accept climate change and we have nothing to do with it,” he said.

Conservative candidate Tako van Popta, Green Kaija Farstad and Liberal Kim Richter were present to discuss their priorities and solutions. NDP candidate Michael Chang and PPC candidate Rayna Boychuk did not show up.

Although van Popta won the last election, Pandolfo says the liberal candidate seems more educated about climate change this time around. While the Greens have “viable solutions that would mitigate and stop climate change”, it is not clear that the Canadian public is ready to take these kinds of measures. The Conservatives’ approach to mitigation focuses primarily on business, which he doubts will be fully effective. PPC leader Maxime Bernier denies climate change, and as neither he nor the NPD representative attended, Pandolfo did not comment on their positions.

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That doesn’t negate the urgency of the situation, however. As a climatologist, he stresses the importance of meeting fossil fuel targets, hoping to reduce Canada’s emissions by 85 percent.

An article published in Nature, an academic journal, indicates that Canada must reduce its emissions by 83% to prevent the global temperature from rising more than 1.5 degrees by 2030.

“We have to educate people to really see what the options are because people don’t feel the disasters that are coming except maybe this summer when they saw the temperatures rise so much and unfortunately people thought it was right. time and it will end soon, ”he said, adding that attribution studies show this summer’s wildfire season would not have been so severe without the effects of climate change.

Organizing more events that unite voters and politicians to discuss climate change is crucial in getting people to vote for the parties that will bring the change, Pandolfo said. The All Candidates Meeting for Cloverdale-Langley City and South Surrey-White Rock will be held on September 14 via Zoom. Pandolfo predicts that the climate will also be a key topic at this event.

“If you look at what the party leaders are talking about, these are really short term issues like housing affordability, child care, gun control, etc., and they are very important and l The electorate is very concerned about these issues. One problem that is being put aside is climate change… and it is something that we have to deal with now, because it is invading us and in the future, when we see real disasters, it will be too late ”, a he declared.

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