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MAC Directors Approve COVID Grant Spending | Education


The Mineral Area College Board of Trustees approved the $ 908,714 expense the school received as part of the Institutional Resilience and Post-Secondary Opportunities Expansion Grant (IREPO) when it met in regular session Thursday morning in the VanHerck conference room on the Park Hills campus.

In making the request, Provost Roger McMillian gave the trustees a preview of what he will offer the school.

“This is a two-year grant that was received with no required matching from the college as part of the COVID stimulus plan,” he said. “Some of the highlights of the project are to temporarily offset some student online assessment fees and clinical fees by paying a portion of the Allied Health online fee for two years; provide simulation equipment to the Law Enforcement Academy (LEA); provide Internet access to students who do not have broadband access or who cannot afford it through the provision of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for MAC car parks; and providing faculty with the knowledge, technology, and support they need to develop and create an interactive and engaging ADA-compliant online curriculum on their own. “

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Regarding education, McMillian explained that this would include professional development for online instructional design and temporary staff support from a “dedicated instructional designer to help implement new ideas to quickly convert learning. most of the content “.

It also includes several software components for video editing and closed captioning, making it easy to convert Word test documents to e-learning platforms and plagiarism detection subscriptions, as well as a support person. temporary computer support to install and teach teachers how to use the services. Several Microsoft surfaces and document cameras would also be included for online education in faculty offices or at home and would pay for some earth science kits to facilitate online labs.

The board unanimously approved McMillian’s request, giving him the ability to use the entire grant of $ 908,714 without having to go back to the board for approval to purchase individual grant items.

Immediately after the vote, Administrator Camille Nations said: “It’s exciting. “

McMillian responded to Nations saying, “It’s very exciting to have. I think if you look at the budget that goes with it, there will be two positions that we will hopefully have to bring to you in January that we will incorporate to help us strengthen our online offerings and what we are doing to improve it. teaching on this campus.

Earlier in the meeting, CMA President Dr. Joe Gilgour presented an Award of Excellence to Angela Erickson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Health Sciences.

“Angie is – you don’t have time to hear everything she’s doing for college,” Gilgour said. “The last two years have been very difficult dealing with all of these things like COVID, vaccinations and program maintenance. She just does a great job for us. It is very deserved. “

Following Dr. Gilgour’s monthly report, Erickson reported to the trustees on the results of the LPN and DNA licensure review.

The board received an update from the MAC Foundation from Kevin Thurman. He told administrators that a radiothon held last week for the foundation raised about $ 4,300 for the improvement grant, which he says will total more than $ 50,000 by the end of the year. year. According to Thurman, the $ 50,000 will provide $ 200,000 in purchasing power.

Thurman also announced a new award this year from the foundation, the Eileen Sechrest Award for Contribution to Track and Field.

“It goes to people who have contributed to MAC athletics but who weren’t necessarily a coach or a player. So, [Eileen Sechrest] receives our first prize.

Although administrators approved a request last month for the replacement of exterior doors on campus, Dr Gilgour brought back the request for another vote because last month’s quotes were inaccurate. Gilgour assured administrators that the project was still funded with money from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) and that funds were still available. The Trustees unanimously approved the project for a total of $ 221,190.40

Dean of Student Services Julie Sheets has asked administrators to approve the school’s two-year academic calendar.

“The only change that’s really different is that we’ve moved the graduation from a Saturday event to a Friday night event, and we’re going to try that,” she said.

The administrators unanimously approved the two-year academic calendar.

Council gave retroactive approval to a soccer field offer. According to Gilgour, three offers were received. The winning bid was $ 899,000, which is also paid for the use of HEERF funds.

Following the unanimous vote, Administrator Alan Wells addressed the Board of Directors saying, “I would like to say that we have been looking at soccer on campus for a long, long time. We missed a lot of students going elsewhere. I think this is a very positive thing for us.

In another action, trustees approved an offer by First State Community Bank to be the seller of the school’s bank, with trustee Stuart “Mit” Landrum abstaining. Offers for a new tractor and new flooring were also approved.

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“That’s exciting.” – Trustee Camille Nations

Administrator Camille Nations on the Covid stimulus grant