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Maddison Harris’ Works, Birth and Wired Memories, Nominated for Publication in Excelencia Magazine | The Singleton Argus

Australian Christian College (ACC) student Maddison Harris is currently working on her grade 12 major work for next year’s HSC. It is a project that she is keen to start having achieved success with her works completed in AD 11.

For someone who said she approached art as a subject out of interest rather than committed passion, she has shown a great deal of talent and is now looking forward to the challenge of art at the HSC level.

This year, she produced two works spanning birth and adolescence – two times that can be trying for anyone, and the time and thought surrounding these aspects of life inspired Maddison’s creative production.

Maddison’s works, titled “Birth” and “Wired Memories,” were nominated for publication in Excelence,The ACC exhibition of the work of high-quality students from across the country. They are now included in this academic review provided by students. Earlier this month, she presented her works at the national Excelencia Live event. Her art teacher, Elizabeth Griffiths, said the students were to create a body of work around the concept of “rites of passage”. The task stipulated that students were to use both 2D and 3D shapes and had to demonstrate sophisticated investigation into each rite of passage. The two works photographed by Maddison represent birth and adolescence, she said.

Maddison said she based “Birth” on her own ultrasound photos for the reference image and included the writing that was on the side identifying the patient, my mother. “I also like the blur and wispy appearance that was produced by drypoint etching and printing processes,” she added.

“My second work ‘Wired Memories’ explores the idea of ​​adolescence. The work focuses on my memories from when I was thirteen to where I am today and who I am. a ball of barbed wire came to my mind during the bushfires in 2019. “