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Mayor Plante appoints social worker as head of public security in Montreal


MONTREAL РMayor Val̩rie Plante has appointed a social worker to head public security in Montreal, as she appointed her executive committee filled with women on Wednesday.

Affirming that armed violence remains the city’s top priority, Plante appointed Alain Vaillancourt, a councilor for the Sud-Ouest borough for three terms on the file. Her social work background demonstrates the mayor’s commitment to a holistic approach to public safety, she said.

“There must be police on our streets to fight crime, guns, but there must also be more work with community groups,” she said.

Vaillancourt will join an executive committee which for the first time will be made up of more women than men: 13 women will sit at the table and five men.

“I think it’s great. It’s a great way to show that, yes, it is possible. There is so much skill and (so much) experience,” said Plante.

In 2017, Plante was criticized for appointing an all-white executive committee, but said that over the past four years, his party has struggled to elect more diverse candidates.

“We said there had to be goals, that there had to be a plan, that there had to be training, that there had to be networking. We knew where we were going. time and effort, and it paid off, ”she said. noted.

The new president of the executive committee, Dominique Ollivier is the first black woman to hold this position. The former head of the consultation office is now responsible for the city’s finances, human resources, the fight against systemic racism and the French language.

“I am very happy and I would say very, very happy for once to be able to not only suggest things to the administration but also to be the person who can implement many of these recommendations”, she said. declared.

The leader of the official opposition Salem Aref praised the diversity of the executive committee by declaring: “We congratulate Dominique Ollivier, the first black woman to assume the presidency. Our team reiterates its desire to work together to advance municipal issues.

The new executive committee will meet for the first time on Thursday, when the public should know who will fill the roles of chairman of city council, chairman of agglomeration council and deputy mayor.