Human communication

Miles Adcox will hold a “Human School” session at CRS 2023

Miles Adcox, President and owner of emotional wellness lifestyle brand Onsite, will be the guest speaker for CRS 2023.

With a CRS-exclusive presentation titled “Human School” on March 15, Adcox will share a session on how to become more resilient, manage anxiety and stress, optimize our lives by harnessing an awareness of ourselves and others, and reconnect to what makes us all human.

Adcox is an emotional wellness speaker, thought leader, advocate, advisor and entrepreneur. He has created and managed multiple mental health programs and personal growth workshops, consulted with major brands on organizational health and emotional well-being, and is a communications, personal growth, and mental health consultant for the entertainment industry.

He owns and manages businesses in the human services, hospitality, consumer services and real estate industries. He is the founder of Human School, Onsite Entertainment, Milestones at Onsite, and co-founder of The Oaks, a premier retreat space in Southern California. Adcox’s work at Onsite has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dr. Phil Show, The Doctors, People, Billboard, Marie Claire, and more.

We are excited to welcome Miles Adcox back to CRS in 2023, and we are excited to see what lessons he will share during his “Human School” presentation,” notes the CRS Executive Director. RC Curtis. “CRS is also proud to partner with the Onsite team to provide free emotional wellbeing screenings to our participants during CRS week, as we feel responsible for providing tools for our constituents to pursue an experience more positive and fulfilling at home and at work. ”

As part of a larger health and wellness initiative at CRS 2023, Onsite has partnered with CRS to offer an emotional wellness recording to attendees at this year’s seminar. The on-site team will provide a 30-minute experiential emotional health check as an opportunity to enhance self-understanding and how we connect with others. More details will be revealed at CRS 2023.

The Country Radio Seminar will take place March 13-15 at the Omni Nashville Hotel. Registration for CRS 2023 is open now.