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Nisha Persaud made an adorable cannabis strain diary

“Every time I try a new strain, I save some and put it aside,” says Persaud. “Now I had this amazing collection, but I only had the names to tell them apart. That’s what made me want a book where I could keep descriptions and notes about the varieties I I want to remember which strains worked really well for me, which ones made me hungry and which ones put me to sleep.

Persaud also likes to write things down and had previously created a protest journal which she sold with her unique press-on nail sets. The Strain of the Day journal was a logical next step, and one that immediately showed interest when she published it on Twitter. It sold over 100 copies within two weeks of publication, and dispensaries have since reached out to place bulk orders.

There are pages dedicated to new strains sampled and spaces to fill in observations, aromas, effects and price, plus review points added every seven days for you to reflect on the effects and memorable strains of the week. Colleagues remarked that the simple, slightly playful diary has the look of a children’s book — an influence from his time in education, perhaps, but also a welcoming aesthetic for an easily overwhelmed brain.

The key to all of this work is being consistent in tracking your sessions, a real challenge when smoking sessions tend to be a time of rest and/or recreation. Persaud’s journal includes fun smoke-break activities to keep readers engaged, and the cute illustrations add a touch of whimsy needed for serious note-taking.

Persaud dreams of writing an elementary school book about weed and cannabis educational worksheets, but that depends on whether he can figure out how to promote it without having all of his social media accounts suspended.

“I started my nail art business on Instagram, and that’s where most of my business comes from. But I can’t do the same with the tension diary,” she explains. I recently posted on Instagram talking about the book, and something I wrote or showed in the picture went beyond their guidelines and I got a pop-up warning. It scared me, I’m not a rule breaker. I didn’t want my account to be deleted or impact Clawset accounts, and it’s honestly very discouraging.

Social media apps have taken an increasingly tough stance on any depictions or descriptions of cannabis, especially Instagram and TikTok. Despite these lingering obstacles, Persaud is touched by the response and emboldened to continue.

“It’s a crazy thing,” she said. “Having a thought and bringing it to life, and seeing how it affects people all over the world, is amazing.”