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Onyx Boox announces educational offers for academic users

Onyx Boox recently launched a promotional page to offer an education discount to students and faculty in the higher education system. Customers can check their educational emails to get up to 23% off devices. Models involved in the campaign include Max Lumi, Note Air, Note5 and Nova Air, which contain some of Boox’s flagship models ideal for intensive article reading and note taking.

The Max Lumi is a 13.3 inch E Ink tablet with the biggest discount of 4. User can easily read or annotate documents on its A4 size screen with the built-in open Android 10 operating system. With the split-screen feature, the multitasking possibilities on the device are limitless. It can even be connected to the computer via an HDMI cable as a user-friendly second monitor to reduce eye strain during long-term use.

The Note Air and Note5 are both 10.3-inch models, the best size for mobile work similar to A5 paper. The Note Air has the best value for money while the Note5 is the most advanced 10.3-inch model with Boox’s highest specs. They are currently at least 10% off with education price.

The Nova Air is widely acclaimed by the media around the world with the smallest screen size of 7.8″ of these 4 models. Compact and convenient to carry, it can serve as the best outdoor reading tool when the user is on the go.

The Boox Education Offers page is now accessible on the official Boox website.

About Onyx Boox

Boox is a world leading electronic E Ink brand created by Onyx specializing in E Ink tablets and monitors. It provides 6-inch to 13.3-inch E Ink products to help aspiring, persistent, and innovative users become more productive at work and study without eyestrain. Boox is the only electronic E Ink brand in the world that combines E Ink with Android and offers ultimate flexibility, state-of-the-art hardware and advanced software. More product information is available at

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