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Oscar Isaac Explains Viral Red Carpet Moment With Jessica Chastain

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In September 2021, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain starred in a viral video of their appearance at the 2021 Venice International Film Festival to promote their show ‘Scenes from a Wedding’, where the couple seemed perhaps a bit too comfortable with each other.

In the viral video, the two posed their arms around each other for photos. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until Isaac appeared to kiss and sniff Chastain’s armpits. Isaac recently spoke on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” where he offered an explanation for the odd snort by comparing himself and Chastain to flatworms.

“You know, you can cut them into a hundred pieces and they’ll grow a whole new worm out of the little piece. So they’re basically immortal and they’ve worked at the cellular level where they’re seeing cells talk to each other in sort of through electricity and sort of decide, ‘Okay, you’re going to pout.’ ‘All right, I’m going to stand in line’… they’re communicating through some sort of electro-magnetic situation,” explained Issac.

At the Venice International Film Festival, it looked like Oscar Isaac was kissing Jessica Chastain’s upper arm.
(Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images)


Now, how does this all tie into the interesting behavior between the two actors? The ‘Moon Knight’ actor said it was because this whole process was similar to how he and Chastain communicated with each other.

“Maybe we should use more real human language to speak instead of sniffing an armpit and doing things like that,” Isaac said. “It’s kind of what starts to happen and no matter how bored we get, no matter what happens, it’s like, when you get us together, it’s like, it’s just other things that happen that make us grow two heads.”

Chastain opened up about this moment last September on the broadcast “Today”, but had a much simpler explanation for the strange situation.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac starred in the HBO TV drama "Scenes from a wedding."

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac starred in the HBO TV drama “Scenes From a Marriage.”
(Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images)

“We’ve all been locked up in our homes for so long. When this video went viral, I was like, ‘People just need to see people touching and holding each other,’ explained the actress of ‘The 355.’ She also talked about how the two went to college together and have been friends for much of their lives and know each other extremely well. She touched on how they know each other so well. that they can “almost read each other’s minds”.