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Page Center launches directory to track search success

Over 50 funded projects are currently in the database, and Center organizers know there are many more. Page Center research is often awarded, featured, published and recognized. Researchers can help keep the database up to date by submitting their work to the Centre.

“The format makes it easy for researchers to visualize their work,” said Holly Overton, research director at the Page Center and associate professor of advertising and public relations. “We can even bookmark our names to see what posts are featured and what needs to be added. It’s a wonderful way to organize and showcase the excellent research produced by our researchers.

If it’s related to the Page Center, the Center wants to know. Fellows may email updates to Jonathan McVerry at [email protected] Awards, blog posts, news articles, publications and research presentations are welcome. If researchers are unsure if something is right for them, they are encouraged to contact the Center to verify.

Each result represents an important element of the Page Center’s mission to advance ethics and integrity in all forms of public communication. Funding for research in ethics is one of the Page Center’s main objectives and, thanks to the work of its researchers, the results collected in this directory are a testament to the Centre’s success.