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Paul Cronan of Walton College Receives ICAI Lifetime Achievement Award

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Paul Cronan received the ICAI Lifetime Achievement Award for his long-standing work in creating a campus culture that values ​​academic integrity at the U of A and beyond.

The International Center for Academic Integrity awarded Paul Cronan the ICAI Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contributions to academic integrity. Cronan, MD Matthews Endowed Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in the Department of Information Systems at the Sam M. Walton College of Business, was honored at the ICAI’s annual conference held earlier this this month.

Cronan received the Lifetime Achievement Award, ICAI’s highest honor, for his long-standing work in creating a campus culture that values ​​academic integrity. His research, published work, volunteer service, and mentorship initiated and fostered an ethical culture at the U of A and beyond.

“It is truly an incredible honor that is so well deserved,” said Chris Bryson, executive director of the Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity at the U of A. “Dr. Cronan’s service and commitment to the The past 40 years have been instrumental in developing the University of Arkansas’ unique approach to academic integrity, which has been recognized nationally and internationally over the years. ”

At the U of A, Cronan was instrumental in the design and implementation of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy (co-chair), which includes:

  • A Committee on Academic Integrity and Student Code of Conduct (Chair and Co-Chair)
  • Faculty Senate Oversight
  • Academic integrity monitors in each college
  • All University Academic Integrity Councils (Chair)
  • Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity (Consultant)
  • Centralized approach to reporting and sanctions

On campus, Cronan is the co-founder of the Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC), which focuses on teaching and learning. Academic integrity has been a point of attention during faculty orientation and ongoing events through the TFSC each year.

“Dr. Cronan has made many impactful contributions through his service, leadership, teaching, research and program development,” said Rajiv Sabherwal, Emeritus Professor, Edwin & Karlee Bradberry Chair and Chair of the Information Systems Department. “A common theme running through all of these strands is his unending and strong dedication and sustained contributions to academic integrity and ethics. Based on my 34 years as a faculty member, I cannot think of person more deserving of the ICAI Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Cronan’s positive influence on academic integrity extends beyond the university through numerous publications in professional and educational journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Ethics & Behavior, Information Systems Education Journal, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Journal of Administrative Sciences, Issues in Information Systems and Information management. He has also presented several ICAI conferences.

Cronan received his doctorate in information systems and quantitative analysis from Louisiana Tech University, a master’s degree in economics from South Dakota State University and his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

About ICAI: The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) was founded in 1992 to combat cheating, plagiarism and academic dishonesty in higher education. Its mission has expanded to include cultivating cultures of integrity in academic communities around the world. ICAI’s Core Beliefs focus on six core values ​​of academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.

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