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Pawan Khera offered Congress Department of Communications lollipop for his ‘tapasya’ after complaining about Rajya Sabha siege

Three weeks after Congress spokesman Pawan Khera complained he was overlooked for Rajya Sabha nominations, the party has now decided to give him a consolation prize.

On Saturday, June 18, the All India Congress Committee announced his immediate appointment as Chairman of Media and Publicity in the party’s new Communications Department.

In a press statement signed by the party’s general secretary, KC Venugopal, he noted that the appointment of Pawan Khera was made with the approval of the acting congresswoman, Sonia Gandhi.

Screenshot of All India Congress Committee press release

“The Honorable Speaker of Congress has approved the appointment of Shri Pawan Khera as Chairman of Media and Publicity in the new Department of Communications with immediate effect,” the press release read.

It should be recalled that Pawan Khera had previously expressed his disappointment after being sidelined for the appointments to the Rajya Sabha. The party had favored Imran Pratapgarhi and Randeep Surjewala among others for the Upper House of Parliament over Khera.

After the Congress Party released a list of its ten candidates from seven states for the biennial Rajya Sabha elections, in a cryptic tweet, Pawan Khera wrote in Hindi: “My penance must have missed somewhere.”

He later posted a tweet and apologized for his earlier remarks.

“Of course, I have ambitions and I am sometimes disappointed. I am a human being, after all. But, once the party has made a decision, I will fight until the end to defend this decision. And I’m going to try to be a better congressman. This is how I see life and ambition,” he tweeted.

In place of Khera, who was one of the contenders for the seat of Rajasthan, the Congress chose Randeep Singh Surjewala, Mukul Wasnik and Pramod Tiwari. Surjewala, who contested the Haryana State Assembly elections in 2019, lost his Kathial seat to a BJP candidate.

However, it appears that the Congress party is now trying to appease Pawan Khera by offering him the position of media and publicity chairman in the party’s new communications department.

Pawan Khera was not the only Congress leader disappointed with Rajya Sabha’s nominations, Nagma Morarji had also expressed her displeasure after being passed over, but she has yet to win a reward for her ‘tapasya’.