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Percy Jackson Writer Explains Weird Symbols in TV Series Trailer

Rick Riordan explained what strange symbols can be seen in the first trailer for the new Percy Jackson TV series. After a failed adaptation of a fantasy film series, Percy Jackson is set to hit screens as a TV series adaptation for the Disney Plus streaming service.

Production on the TV adaptation of the hugely popular book series began earlier this year, but a short trailer for the fantasy series has already been released. It’s just a short teaser, but it shows the titular character of Camp Half-blood, as he explains the dangers of being a demigod.

Keen-eyed fans analyzed each teaser image in detail and managed to spot several strange symbols in the trailer and wondered what they were referring to. Unfortunately, it looked like their questions would go unanswered until the next trailer, which won’t arrive for another month.

However Riordan, who is heavily involved in the new series, came to the rescue. The author of the fantasy book series took his personal blog to answer questions, and here’s what he had to say.

“There is a story behind [the symbols]. You are right. They are not Greek. They are not known human languages. Riordan went on to say, “It’s intentional. You will find out what it is later. Good spotting, eagle-eyed fans!

The author’s explanation may seem vague, but it reveals some elements. First, the confirmation that the letters are not Greek, and that they are intentional and not just decorative.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, that the symbol is not a letter from a known human language. So is it an ancient language? Or perhaps the language or an unknown human civilization?

So many questions, and even with Riordan’s comments, so few answers. If kid-friendly fantasy series are your cup of tea, check out our guide on how to watch the Harry Potter movies in order.