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Public relations deliberations during the XIMB press release – The New Indian Express

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BHUBANEWAR: The eighth edition of the Xavier Institute of Management, the annual Bhubaneswar Media Conclave (XIMB) communiqué was recently held in the city to deliberate on “Domino PR Effect: Communication in the Hands of the Masses” to build a base of more solid public relations and brand in the eyes of the masses.

At the event, hosted by IlluminatiX – XIMB’s media and public relations (PR) cell, experts shared their take on the crucial role of public relations, how brands are part of the larger conversation and how they strategize to communicate personal stories to their consumers.

They explained how any information spreading around the world can create ripples and, just like a well-organized set of dominoes, lead to a chain reaction that could change the media and public relations landscape.

The speakers, prominent names from the media and business sectors, educated the audience on the importance of leveraging data, research and considering public relations measures to aid the success of public relations campaigns and to brand building.

Director of Adfactors and PR Communications Consultant Samir Kapur, who spoke about the role of PR in the modern world and how technology has helped revolutionize it, presented his thoughts on the importance of PR more than ever. .

He asked new-age managers to understand that the era of control is over and the emphasis must be on mass management for the success of the PR campaign.

Ogilvy Mudassar Hossain managing partner at the event underlined the importance of human contact and the impact of human values ​​on public relations.

He mentioned that the power of ideas and storytelling is reflected in a company’s products. Burger King Corporation’s Head of Brand and Communications, Prashant Sukhwani, shared his observations on the domino effect in PR and how to tackle challenges.

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