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Rio Ferdinand criticizes Ten Hag’s communication with Ronaldo

Rio Ferdinand has become the latest ex-Man United pro to weigh in on the Cristiano Ronaldo controversy, after the striker left Old Trafford ahead of full-time against Spurs, before it was later revealed he also had refused to leave the bench.

Unsurprisingly, while Ferdinand said he didn’t condone his former teammate’s behavior, he showed sympathy towards Ronaldo and also appeared to be critical of Erik ten Hag’s communication.

“I wouldn’t have been happy as a player. I think in Ronaldo’s statement he mentioned that he probably would have handled things differently. All the emotions that are attached to it, sometimes it escapes you as a player. ‘human.

“I probably would have been in a queue of people wanting to tell him about this decision he made and why he made it etc. and ask the question.

“But I think there are two ways of looking at it, and I don’t condone that for a moment, but there’s always another side to the story and maybe the communication hasn’t been as clear as he might have wanted.

Rio Ferdinand discusses Ronaldo’s behavior

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“When you’re dealing with someone like Cristiano Ronaldo,” Ferdinand continued. “Like it or not, he’s Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the greatest footballer who ever played football with Messi.

So sometimes the treatment is a little different from everyone else, it was the same under Fergie when he was there under Fergie.

I think throughout his career he’s probably had that, the communication, what your minutes will look like, what the games will look like. I think he’s at the first moment in his life where it’s probably not confirmed by the manager or the club.

And he’s in a position where I don’t know where I am.

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