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Scoot leverages technology to deepen engagements with its highly distributed workforce

low cost carrier Scooter was recognized for its passion for technology and innovation by winning gold for “Best Digital HR Transformation Strategy” at the Employee Experience Awards 2022, Singapore.

On the achievement, wthe interview Theresa Tan, Vice President, Human Resources, Scooton how the focus on automation and technology enabled the team to optimize operations turnaround times and improve organizational performance and employee morale.

Q Congratulations on the achievement! Could you explain to us the highs and lows of your winning strategy?

Our passion for technology and innovation means we are always on the lookout for digital solutions to help our people do meaningful work with increased efficiency. Before embracing digital tools, we often re-engineered business processes to ensure we weren’t just applying automation to solve immediate problems. We are constantly rethinking and redesigning the way we work to ensure that digital platforms add value to how we interact with our widely dispersed workforce and improve administrator efficiency.

Building on a solid digital foundation, we are further refining our strategies in an agile and iterative way to manage change and ensure strategic alignment with the business. In addition to continuous improvement, we have also incorporated the following into our digital transformation strategy.

  • Seamless integrations: We have made it a priority to create a smooth and seamless digital experience for our employees by using solutions that allow easy integration with our HR information system.
  • Scalable Technology Stack: This approach provides the flexibility to grow our internal capabilities, reducing reliance on external vendors and lowering long-term costs.

The recognition of our strategy is a testament to our efforts to keep the human touch alive with technology, especially in the face of constant change.

Q Understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of your employees is never an easy task. How did Scoot identify business and employee needs and craft the perfect solution?

We thrive on the suggestions of our employees. We recognize the need for regular dialogue with employees and offer a variety of channels, from town halls to personalized employee experience surveys, for employees to share their suggestions and concerns.

For example, we launched a new “Employee Xperience” (EX) survey using an AI-based technology platform that turns employee feedback into actionable insights for leaders. Its smart listening approach allows us to deliver shorter surveys on a quarterly basis where questions are automatically rotated based on the employee’s life stage and recent feedback. The survey is also interactive, where employees can make suggestions via open comments and leaders can respond directly.

By adopting bespoke technology powered by data intelligence to promote engagement anytime, anywhere on any device, we are creating a culture where employees feel connected and empowered, bringing more enthusiastic about their roles.

Q How has the strategy added to the overall employee experience in Scoot?

By focusing on automation and technology, we are able to track progress and analyze information to optimize operational turnaround times and improve organizational performance.

For example, we have implemented 11 chatbots that are integrated with Workchat to reduce the intervention of HR for simple and direct requests. Our informational bot helped resolve nearly 4,500 employee-related queries, and our transactional bot served over 95% of employees. Our employee recognition bot has also solicited 5,539 rewards and appreciation messages so far since its launch in January 2021.

Agility and the ability to react quickly to market changes is key to driving the business forward, especially as we accelerate alongside growing travel demand. By leveraging technology to complement our work processes and deepen engagements with our highly distributed workforce, we could develop customized strategies to improve employee morale, motivate change faster, and rally teams to work. to the achievement of business objectives.

Q Could you offer recommendations to your peers across industries on implementing something similar for their own EX foundation?

Beyond simply creating a work culture that recognizes and celebrates people, we must also seek to connect people to their purpose and our employer brand promise. Acting as a strategic partner to the business, HR must bring together their expertise and business knowledge to empower a smart workforce.

At Scoot, our focus on progressively delivering digital skills and technologies has enabled us to constantly adapt to what really matters at all times. By choosing the right technology for the business, it provides a clearer, aggregated picture enabling HR to be more strategic, act quickly, and be more agile in making decisions with context-relevant data. and not with intuition.

Q Looking ahead, how will Scoot take this winning strategy ever further in the years to come?

The pandemic has spurred an accelerated need for workplace transformation. Going forward, we will continue to use technology to influence how and where we work, as well as to stay connected with employees.

Our focus for the next two years will be to drive competency-based talent optimization focused on both the “hardware” (toolsets) and the “core” (mindsets).

To achieve this, we will develop an integrated cloud-based HR system to consolidate people data and use it to optimize our workforce and skills planning.

In addition to preparing the material, we also seek to develop the change agents of an agile organization. We intend to create alignment around our transformation by changing mindsets through our corporate culture; building skills through leadership development and capacity building; sharpen tools and shape behaviors with our agile operating model.

We are always leading the digital trail and taking everyone with us on our transformation journey. We hope what we do at Scoot changes perceptions about how airlines continue to stay relevant, do meaningful work, and thrive in the future of work!

Q In 10 years, where do you see the future of HR?

The pandemic has given HR an opportunity to lead organizations in navigating through and into the future. The war for talent will only be fiercer than ever and with new roles emerging over the next decade, the role of HR will need to evolve accordingly. It needs to be even more technology-centric with decisions driven primarily by data. It will also need to be more agile and be able to reinvent and relaunch its strategy to respond to a rapidly changing digital economy.

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