The Start-up Loan provides information on self-employment loans, business start-ups, restructuring and new investments as well as general information for entrepreneurs and sole traders.

How to obtain a bank loan for starting a business and what criteria you need to take into account when making a loan can be found here. Affordable fixed interest rate Immediate loan decision Fast payment TÜV certified service Also for freelancers

Here you can check free of charge and without obligation how you can optimize your company foundation or your existing self-employment with state subsidies. Business start-ups All forms of business start-ups are permitted.

This strengthens the company’s equity base and facilitates further borrowing (and the aforementioned promotional loans).

Starting loan STL Start money for start-ups

Starting loan STL Start money for start-ups

The STL Shinecredit StartGold for start-up founders in the start-up period. STL promotes up to 100% of its investment and investment funds, such as the promotional loan STL StartGold. B. devices, motor vehicles, software or bearings up to 100,000?.

STL Granecredit will only pay out operating funds up to an amount of USD 30,000. Big plus point of the STL Shinecredits StartGold is beside the favorable conditions the grace period for founding years and an 80% freedom from liability.

What does an exemption from liability mean?


Start-ups need the right financial resources to realize their business ideas. Almost all start-up measures in Germany can be funded through the STL start-up loan. Important prerequisite for starting a business: Avoid mistakes when starting a business! Credit note, even if the bank refuses! Which start-up for company founders can be supported?

For start-up founders such as craftsmen, the self-employed or young entrepreneurs who have been active in the labor market for less than 5 years, the STL start-up loan StartGold is available. What funds can not be provided through the STL start-up loan program? The STL start-up loans support the following start-ups: What are the conditions for the STL start-up loan StartGold? STL Shinecredit StartGold is equipped with a fixed interest rate for the entire duration.

Maximum financing amount with STL start-up loan

Up to 100 percent of the capital raised can be used for investment and working capital. The maximum investment is 100,000?. Resources can be used up to an amount of max. 30000 usd to be funded. You can choose 1 or 2 grace years. Commitment fee: At STL-Granecredit, the commitment rate is 0.25 percentage points per calendar month on the loan amount allocated but not yet used, calculated one calendar month after the commitment.

Distribution: STL Granecredit pays 100 percent of the loan amount. The STL start-up loan can be redeemed within 9 months of granting. Repayment: An additional period of up to two years can be agreed with STL Granecredit, in which the founders only pay interest. The STL start-up loan is payable in equal monthly installments plus the interest on the outstanding loan amount.

Exemption: The STL Shinecredit Startcapital provides 80 percent exemption during the whole term of the loan. So many start-ups can start their own business! STL Foldedbank also supports start-ups with capital requirements of more than USD 10,000 with a start-up loan. Further information can be found under STL-Kredit.

The BfW offers management consultancy to support business start-ups. A start-up entrepreneur with a management consultancy is sustainably promising and lives. The financing company of a solid limited liability company mbH consists of state support and entrepreneurial capital. Take advantage of the free initial consultation with a BMH foundation for financial advice, which is subsidized with 50% to 80%.

Financing company without security from specialized banks, also for the area of ​​equipment, if the company has already successfully been on the sales market for two years.