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State Council Approves Updated Teachers’ Code of Ethics, Some Say Includes CRT | 406 Politics


“As a subcommittee (of the board), when we read it felt like it wasn’t specific enough. It took a little more language, ”Watson said.

In one of the metaphors used during public testimony to attempt to explain fairness versus equality, State Representative Moffie Funk, former college professor and Helena Democrat, described three children standing on boxes of the same size and trying to look over a fence.

“They have different heights, and so the big kid can see very well, the middle one can kind of see and the smaller one can’t see at all,” Funk told the board Thursday. Giving children different sized boxes would equalize their perspective, she continued.

“When they stood on the same size box it was the same, but it didn’t work for everyone. And that is why we also need fairness. And that’s not a buzzword. This is a reality that we are all looking for in this code of ethics, ”said Funk.

Kelly Elder, a Helena middle school teacher and board chairman, said he strives to ensure fairness in his sixth grade class.

Kelly Elder is a college instructor in Helena and chairs the Advisory Council on Certification Standards and Practices.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Disc

“I have kids in my room who are 3ft 6in tall and I have kids who are taller than me at 6ft tall so we definitely see this variety. And when I imagine these boxes and these kids standing, what they try to see in my eyes is the American dream. … I’m not willing to take a subgroup of my class and say, “You don’t deserve to look at this ball field. … My goal as a teacher is to … use the wood I have to build the right boxes so everyone can see over that fence.


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