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The best gadgets of 2021

By Anuj Bhatia, Shruti Dhapola and Nandagopal Rajan

It was the second year of the pandemic and technology continued to be the savior, helping millions of people around the world work from home and stay safe while staying entertained and connected. As companies have had the time to bring in features that reflect the needs of the pandemic, over the past year many handy gadgets have been announced. Some even came with a human touch and fell back on simplicity as the base offering, while others have pushed the boundaries of what can be done. Here’s our list of the best gadgets of 2021, based on our hands-on experiences.

Smartphones: power, intelligence and innovation iPhone 13 Pro Max
The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a masterclass on how to improve on a product that is already so good. It’s not drastically different from its predecessor, but it still works, thanks to features like an improved screen with a high refresh rate, more battery life, and an improved camera setup. The A15 Bionic chip powering the iPhone 13 Pro Max makes it the most powerful smartphone on the market. But after virtually killing off the compact camera over the years with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it looks like Apple is sending a warning to high-end video camera makers. The iPhone 13 Pro Max can record a cinematic video, which can then be edited on the phone itself.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3
2021 will be the year in which Samsung perfected the foldable form factor. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is unlike any other smartphone on the market, giving users extra screen space that promises more productivity. The Z Fold 3 was always meant to be the benchmark for foldable smartphones but no one knew it would get so polished this year. The biggest surprise, however, was the Galaxy Z Flip 3 for those who preferred a phone that shrinks when not in use. But what really worked in favor of the Flip 3 is its price tag which makes this forward-looking phone a bit more accessible to consumers.

Apple iphone 13
The iPhone 13 delivers both performance and value, a rare and difficult combination to achieve. On paper, it looks like an incremental upgrade from last year’s iPhone 12, but the iPhone 13 is more polished than any typical high-end smartphone. It’s a handy phone with better cameras and battery life improvements and without the Pro series bells and whistles which would have come at an extra cost for people who will never use these. features.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
In an era when mid-range phones were starting to seem mundane and predictable, the Galaxy A52 5G added a spark. With the Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung came up with a phone that tried to strike a balance between price, features, and design. While not a true flagship, the A52 offered everything a consumer expects from a great, high-end, mid-range phone. Its specs and features seem incredible: a high refresh 120Hz display, a solid camera setup, IP67 waterproof and dustproof certification, a capable processor and good battery life. The A52 brought the fun back to mid-range phones.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
Every year the Redmi Note series sets a new standard in the under 20,000 rupee range, and 2021 was no different. With the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, the company introduced a 108MP camera and a macro camera, both of which have performed exceptionally well considering the price range this phone operates in. More importantly, the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max got 120Hz AMOLED, giving it another edge over the competition. Overall, it has remained the reliable phone to consider in the under 20,000 rupee segment.

OnePlus Nord 2
OnePlus had plenty of offerings this year, but none were as popular as the Nord 2, the brand’s second budget offering. The Nord 2 was a practical phone that is expected to attract newer and younger customers for OnePlus, which has turned more to the high-end segment with its premium offerings. The Nord 2 was a good successor to the segment, offering everything one would expect at this mid-segment price.

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