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“There will be no hope without more funding”


A mother who lost her teenage son to a brain tumor calls on people to help stop the devastation.

Shay Patel, pictured below, was just 13 when he died of a brain tumor in September 2020. The eldest of three children, Shay had been diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) 22 months earlier. Her desperate family funded treatment abroad after exhausting options available in the UK.

Now Shay’s mother, Niki O’Dea Patel, is sharing her story as part of our Stop the Devastation campaign to help raise awareness of the shocking statistics surrounding brain tumors.

She said: “We considered ourselves lucky to be able to access help overseas and we are fully aware that there are so many families who are unable to do so. But the real problem here is that these days, when you are told that your child has cancer, you assume that there will be something to increase the odds and give you hope. The harsh reality of this tumor is that there are no effective treatments.

“I can’t believe that funding for brain tumor research continues to be so low and that GBMs are still cited as rare when we encountered so many patients, including children, on the trip. of Shay, many of whom have since passed away. WBG is certainly not uncommon and there will be no change and no hope without more funding for research. We cannot let another 10 years go by destroying families and taking more and more young children from their parents. We need the general public to take families like ours to heart, get involved and donate to help us increase national investment.

Click here to learn more about Stop the Devastation and how you can support the campaign.

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