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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Food Safety Solution

Courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific

To meet the need for more economical solid phase extraction solutions used in the food and pharmaceutical industry, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched its QuEChERS portfolio. These easy-to-use sample extraction and cleaning kits provide cleaner extracts for liquid chromatography analysis.

The products include high quality, pre-weighed salts and sorbents. These eliminate salt clumping during sample preparation, resulting in more accurate and reproducible results. Manufacturers can perform pesticide residue analysis, veterinary drug analysis, and mycotoxin analysis in their food safety workflows.

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Available in convenient pouches or pre-filled tubes, there are 48 new versions for the original, Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) and European methods. Customers are offered a wide range of solutions that will best meet their needs.

“Regulatory requirements for food safety testing are becoming increasingly stringent. The new QuEChERS collection provides a comprehensive sample preparation workflow that gives laboratories confidence that their analysis is reliable and reproducible, and will ensure that food meets safety regulations, ”said Ken Meadows, Head of global product, sample preparation products, Thermo Fisher Scientific.