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UAE national human rights institution announces completion of its 100-day accelerated plan to set up its operations

– The institution launches the “Strategy of Action for Human Rights” during its third press conference at the Dubai Press Club
– Five non-voting government representatives appointed to attend board meetings under 100-day plan
– Launched the official INDH website and social media accounts to provide a platform for interaction with the public
– NHRI should launch various interactive services for the public to receive complaints, information, suggestions and inquiries
– A toll-free number and a call center will be launched in three months to further facilitate communication and interaction with the public

The National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) of the United Arab Emirates today announced the completion of its 100-day plan launched to accelerate the establishment of its operations.

During his third press conference held at the Dubai Press Club, the President of the National Human Rights Institution, Maqsoud Kruse, gave an overview of the achievements of the 100-day plan and shared the results of the fourth INDH Board meeting held on 21 April 2022.

The briefing brought together INDH Board members, officials and representatives from a number of local and international media outlets.

During the event, the President of the INDH announced the launch of the “Strategy of Action for Human Rights”, which aims to manage all issues related to human rights cases ” according to a planned program and tangible results and within a proactive framework and careful prioritization”.

“The next phase of our work is the most critical phase since our inauguration, in which our performance will be measured on the basis of the results of our efforts in handling the various human rights files with responsibility and professionalism,” said said Maqsoud Kruse.

Kruse said the “100 Day Plan” was launched to establish a solid organizational infrastructure to pave the way for a sustainable roadmap to advance the human rights of individuals and communities in the UAE. “Throughout the past period, we have been working around the clock to put in place the necessary mechanisms and catalysts to accelerate the institutional readiness of the INDH,” he added.

As part of the implementation of the plan, five non-voting government representatives have been appointed to participate in Board meetings, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. (22) of 2021 on the representation of government entities in board meetings. Board of Directors, and in accordance with the Paris Principles, Kruse said.

The designated bodies included a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, a representative of the Ministry of Justice, a representative of the Ministry of Interior, a representative of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and a representative of the Ministry of Community Development.

Kruse added that introductory meetings were also held with a number of international delegations and representatives of diplomatic missions in the country. The INDH has also participated in various human rights activities inside and outside the country and has worked to build bridges of communication and establish a network of strategic relationships.

Highlighting INDH’s activities in the next phase, Kruse said that INDH will launch various interactive services for the public. Over the next three months, it will launch a service to receive complaints from inside and outside the country from all individuals, including citizens, residents and visitors; a service that provides individuals with information about any human rights abuses or violations they have witnessed; a service for submitting suggestions, proposals and ideas for the development of human rights in the country; and services that facilitate the submission of inquiries or questions to the INDH.

In addition, Kruse said INDH has launched its official website and social media accounts to provide a channel to interact with the public and promote a culture of human rights through advocacy campaigns. sensitization.

The National Human Rights Institution has also announced plans to designate a toll-free number and launch a call center within the next three months to facilitate communication and interaction with the public. The call center will receive complaints, share information and receive suggestions and inquiries.

Kruse also said that the INDH offers opportunities for professionals in the field of human rights or other relevant specialties to join its team. Those interested in applying can register on the “Join Us” webpage on the INDH website, he said.

Concluding the presentation, Kruse thanked the outstanding efforts of INDH’s leadership team, including the Vice President, Board of Directors, Chairs of Standing and Temporary Committees and the Corporate Secretary, as well as than all of its media partners, including the Dubai Press Club.