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UMass Law Features: Delta Theta Phi’s UMass Law Chapter Wins Record Number of Awards at National Convention

National awards include Most Outstanding Student Senate, Most Outstanding Professor for Professor Dwight Duncan and Most Outstanding Student for Raven Francomano, JD ’22

Raven Francomano, JD ’22 with his Nation’s Most Outstanding Student Award and Professor Dwight Duncan, who has been named the Nation’s Most Outstanding Professor by the Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity.

At 62sd Biennial Convention of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity International in Tulsa, OK, Senate Larkin (UMass Law Chapter) has won six awards, a record number of awards won by a student senate since the founding of the legal fraternity over 100 years ago years.

Delta Theta Phi is a professional and mixed legal fraternity with roots dating back to 1900. With over 136,000 members worldwide, the organization assists with professional programs, charitable and service programs, and academic opportunities. The fellowship provides a forum for law students, lawyers and other members to network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and create professional affiliations and life-long personal friendships.

Members include four former presidents of the United States and nine justices of the United States Supreme Court. Adelphia Law Review, which offers all student members the possibility of being published. Student members are also members of the international professional fraternity with alumni and student members in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

The Larkin Senate was among 100 student senates across the country to submit nominations, which were assessed and voted on by the Supreme Senate (Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Master of Roles, Master Inspector, Master Scholar, Master Former Pupil, and Marshal) .

The UMass Law Chapter has won the following awards:

  • The Nation’s Most Outstanding Alumnus: Teresa Marie, JD ’20
  • Most Outstanding Student in the Country: Raven Francomano, JD ’22
  • Most Outstanding Teacher in the Nation: Professor Dwight Duncan. Professor Duncan is also an initiate brother of the Delta Theta Phi Law Brotherhood.
  • The Nation’s Most Outstanding Student Senate: The Honorable Francis J. Larkin Senate (UMass Law Chapter). Each Student Senate is evaluated by the Supreme Senate based on its recruitment, professional development activities / events, networking development activities / events, academic contributions and charitable events.
  • Nation’s Most Notable Networking Event: Virtual Happy Hour Everything But Cuts (“ABC”). It was a virtual happy hour where attendees could bring any drink of their choice, but no cups were allowed. The best “cup” won a prize.
  • The most remarkable professional event in the country: Delta Theta Phi Implicit Bias training (Co-sponsored by the UMass Law Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee and the UMass Dartmouth Office of the Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator). This event was an intersectional training on Implicit Bias led by Professor, Diversity Director and Title IX Coordinator David Gomes. The purpose of this event was to teach Delta Theta Phi members about implicit biases, how they affect the legal community, and how to combat our own implicit biases.

In addition to representing the Larkin Senate as outgoing dean (chair), Francomano was chosen to serve as assistant chancellor at the Delta Theta Phi international office.

“It was a great honor to attend the 62nd Biennial Convention to receive these awards on behalf of the UMass Law Chapter of Delta Theta Phi,” said Francomano. “This international recognition is a monumental opportunity for our chapter and for our campus. We hope that this recognition will provide the legal fraternity with increased visibility and a greater presence on the UMass Law Campus as we continue to provide invaluable social, professional and academic resources to our law students.

“After nearly three semesters of distance learning, professional fraternal relationships are more important than ever,” added Francomano. “Additionally, this recognition gives us the opportunity to reflect and accept feedback on how we can continue to evolve our 121-year-old organization to be more inclusive and to be a useful resource for our students. place.

The Larkin Senate won six national awards at the 2021 biennial convention, a record number of awards won by a student Senate since the founding of the legal fraternity over 100 years ago.

121-year-old organization provides law students with networking programs and opportunities

The Honorable Francis J. Larkin Senate was founded at the Southern New England School of Law (now UMass Law) in 1992. The chapter continued when UMass Law was established in 2010 and was named in honor of the Honorable Francis J. Larkin, founding dean of Southern New England School of Law, judge of Massachusetts and alumnus of Delta Theta Phi.

UMass Law student members have access to social, professional and academic programs and can receive scholarships, awards and prizes. They also have plenty of networking opportunities with other members, UMass Law School, UMass Law alumni, and Delta Theta Phi alumni.

The Larkin Senate is currently the largest student organization at UMass Law. The chapter organizes several collaborative events with other student organizations to foster relationships with colleagues outside the organization. Members can sit on the board and work with the UMass Law and UMass Dartmouth administrations, as seen when coordinating with Professor Gomes for the Virtual Implicit Bias training.

Some notable Delta Theta Phi alumni include:

  • Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States
  • Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States
  • William Taft, President of the United States
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, United States Supreme Court
  • Sandra Day O’Connor, United States Supreme Court
  • Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia
  • 33 current or former US senators
  • 77 current and former U.S. representatives

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