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UNSW research project wins funding under Trailblazer Universities program


An advocacy initiative by the University of Adelaide and UNSW has received $50 million under the Australian government’s Trailblazer Universities (Trailblazer) scheme. This is Trailblazer’s second application to be approved and will receive a share of approximately $250 million in government funding.

The two universities will join forces to drive research commercialization initiatives to build Australia’s defense capabilities and assets over the next 10 years.

Federal government funding of $50 million was supplemented by $50 million from the University of Adelaide and UNSW, and $10 million from CSIRO. More than 50 industry partners have expressed their support for the initiative and have committed more than $140 million in capital and in-kind contributions.

UNSW Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Attila Brungs said UNSW was proud to lead Australia’s research commercialization efforts to support the country’s manufacturing priorities.

“We are delighted to be able to work with the University of Adelaide and industry partners on research projects that turn into real results. The program will bring about a sea change for Australia in defence-related industries.

“University-industry collaboration is imperative to ensure that research translates into results that benefit all of Australia. We are proud to have a proven track record at UNSW of researching quantum, cyber, hypersonic, robotics and space technologies that support Australia’s national capability.

Professor Peter Høj, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Adelaide, said: “The University of Adelaide is proud to be nominated alongside our partner, the University of New South Wales, to help the country’s economic recovery with the Defense Trailblazer: Concept to Sovereign Capability Project (CSC).

“CSC will bring about a profound and transformative change in our defense innovation landscape and fulfill a long-standing ambition to build a more sovereign capability for the Australian defense industry.

“The University of Adelaide will apply its research expertise in defence-related areas, including quantum materials, hypersonic countermeasures, information warfare, space and artificial intelligence, to help improve Australia’s sovereign capacity.

“CSC will increase Australian prosperity by creating new sovereign defense capabilities and building supply chain resilience, all in the national interest.”

Two universities with a long and proud history of partnership with the defense sector

The University of Adelaide and UNSW Defense pioneer: from concept to sovereign capability will see the two universities join forces to lead a series of new research commercialization initiatives to strengthen Australia’s defense capabilities and assets.

Both universities have partnership agreements with some of Australia’s largest defense companies and SMEs and new spin-off companies. Researchers will work alongside industry in the defense and civilian market sectors to translate academic research projects into successful innovation and manufacturing.

Vice Admiral (Retired) Professor Paul Maddison, Director of the Institute of Defense Research at UNSW, said: “CSC is designed to transform the innovation ecosystem in the field in ways that enable research and industry innovators to rapidly solve priority Defense research problems, quickly secure capital for collaborative ideation, potential prototype solutions, commercialize winners, and accelerate the transition of competitive advantage capabilities into the hands of ADF operators deploying in a highly volatile geostrategic environment. The key to success will be closer collaboration between government, industry and academia, built on a cross-sector culture based on trust rooted in shared risk, shared problem solving, shared success and a shared sense of purpose. strategic urgency.

Dr Stephen Rodda, Director of Innovation and Commercialization at the University of Adelaide and lead tender for the project, said: “CSC will expand the capabilities of the Australian defense industry. to develop and serve international export markets with strategic partners through measures such as supply chain development assistance, transfer of expertise in intellectual property protection, transfer of cybersecurity expertise and promoting government and private support programs to deliver new technologies to the defense sector and, especially, to civilian markets, where possible.