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What is a woman? Health boss Brendan Murphy provides a 78-word definition

Australia’s top health bureaucrat took nearly three months to come up with a 78-word definition of a common term.

Australia’s top health bureaucrat took nearly three months to come up with a 78-word definition of ‘woman’.

Health Secretary Brendan Murphy was asked for a definition of women by Liberal Senator Alex Antic during the Senate Estimates in April, but chose to take the matter on notice.

“Look, I think there are a variety of definitions,” Dr. Murphy replied after an awkward silence.

“It’s a very, it’s a very… it’s a hotly contested space right now, senator. I mean there are obviously biological definitions, but there are definitions in terms of how people identify themselves, so we are happy to provide our working definition on notice.

Senator Antic says that 78 days later, he received a 78-word response from the Department of Health “that read like a position statement from a gender studies department at a woke university.”

The official definition provided by the Department of Health reads: “The frameworks adopted to define a person’s sex include chromosomal composition, sex assigned at birth and the sex with which a person identifies. The Ministry of Health does not adopt a single definition. Health policies and access to health programs are based on clinical evidence and the clinical needs of all Australians, regardless of gender identity, biological characteristics or genetic variation. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and to deliver better health and well-being for all Australians.

Senator Antic told the sun herald the definition was “absolute drivel”.

“There really couldn’t be a simpler question than asking how they define a woman, another of our taxpayer-funded departments has shown how deeply infected it is with the corrosive tenets of radical gender theory” , did he declare.

“The Minister must take urgent action to remove this rhetoric from the Department of Health in order to give Australians confidence in the good faith of the Department.”

Write on Facebook, Senator Antic said: ‘During the time of Covid I formed the opinion that our bureaucracies were out of touch. Nothing in that 78-word nonsense did anything to dissuade me from that view. Your taxes pay for it.

During last month’s election campaign, Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese provided simple definitions of the word.

Interviewed by journalist Deb Knight during the Channel 9 debate, Mr. Albanese replied: “A grown woman”.

Mr. Morrison said: “A mature member of the female sex.”

Knight said: “Because there has been some confusion around this issue, it’s good to have your clarity on this.”

“Not confused at all,” replied Mr Morrison.

“I don’t think it’s confusing,” Mr Albanese agreed.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet was also quizzed on morning radio by 2GB host Ben Fordham.

Mr Perrottet replied that the ‘obvious answer’ was ‘an adult female human being’.

In March, Mr Albanese came under fire for saying men cannot have babies.

He made the comments in an interview with The Daily Telegraphwhere he said Labor was not for the woke left.

Some social media users suggested his answer was transphobic and questioned why he didn’t answer “yes” to acknowledging transgender men who give birth.

The question “what is a woman” has been popularized by conservatives in the United States, who argue that proponents of leftist gender theory are unable to provide a simple answer.

US President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to provide a definition by the Republican senator Marsha Blackburn at a recent confirmation hearing.

“Can I give a definition? No I can not. I am not a biologist,” Judge Jackson replied.

According to Oxford English Dictionary, a woman is “an adult female human being”.

Conservative podcast host Matt Walsh of The daily thread frequently asked the question during debates, notably on a recent episode of Dr Phil featuring two transgender activists.

Earlier this month, Walsh posted a documentary title What is a woman?in which he “fearlessly interrogates the logic behind a gender ideology movement that has targeted women and children,” reads the synopsis.

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