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Writing an impactful research program as a CSR initiative


The Research and Publishing Unit of the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka, recently concluded the Writing Impactful Research program with great success. “Writing Impactful Research” is a four-month research program offered by the Faculty of Management Studies in collaboration with Emerald Publishing and College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, United Arab Emirates. The main objective of the program is to develop impactful researchers by improving the research and publishing skills of academics in the region. There is no course fee associated with the program, and it is offered free of charge as a CSR program. Academics and researchers interested in scholarly publications have been identified as the program’s target group, and more than 750 researchers from around the world have participated in the program each week. The program started on April 22, 2021 and ended on August 5, 2021 via the secure online meeting platform, GoToWebinar.

The program focused on the rationale and complexities of research publication, how relevant is the innovative research approach to targeting high impact journals, research philosophy, generation of research questions through problematization, identification of research gaps, selection and review of the literature, rationale for selection of methodology, how to select the appropriate journal for publication, structure the manuscript, understand the publication process and how to identify fake / predatory / cloned reviews in academics. In addition, there were special sessions from Emerald Publishing, Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science) and Elsevier (Science Direct) on how to improve article acceptance rate and publish faster, how to get your higher level research and research writing tools.

The entire success of the program is due to the remarkable contribution made by the program’s panel of international resources. The guest speakers, Prof. Kashif Saeed (GIFT University and Brand Ambassador – UAE, Emerald Publishing), Prof. Vikas Arya (International University of Rabat, Rabat Business School, Morocco), Prof. Arosha Adhikaram (University of Colombo), Prof. Tharusha Goonerathne (University of Colombo), Prof. Abhishek Behl (OP Jindal Global University, India), Prof. Satyanarayana Parayitam (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA), Prof. Jayantha N. Dewasiri (Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka), Prof. Amila Jayarathne (University of Sri Jayewardenepura), Prof. Moon Moon Haque (Associate Dean, College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University), Prof. Sudhir Rana (College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University), Prof. Umesh Bamel (International Management Institute New Delhi), Prof. Zubin Sethna (Regent’s University London), Prof. Rosalind Jones (Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University), Dr. Subhasree Nag (Clarivate Analytics / Web of Science), Mr. Vishav Sharma (Clarivate Analytics / Web of Science), Dr Shubhra Dutta (Science Direct / Elsevier), Prof . Shanthi Gopalakrishnan (Martin Tuchman School of Management, USA), Ms Sangeeta Menon (Emerald Publishing), Dr Nakul Parameswar (Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad) and Dr Sumit Narula (Amity University, India) volunteered their time to advance the cause of free training for researchers by sharing their expertise and experience in the topics they have presented.

Much of the credit for the success of this program goes to our academic partners, Emerald Publishing and Gulf Medical University, who supported us in all aspects of the planning and conduct of the program. In addition, we greatly appreciate the tremendous support of the Vice-Chancellor of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Professor Udaya Rathnayake, in conducting the program.

From Emerald Publishing, we would like to thank in particular, Mr. Sundar Radhakrishnan (Vice President, Emerald Publishing – South Asia) and Ms. Sangeeta Menon (Publishing Relationship Manager, Emerald Publishing) who lent us their resources, technical expertise and us. to guest speakers who have contributed to the program. Additionally, we would like to thank Ms. Disha Lakhanpal (Regional Marketing Manager, Emerald Publishing), who coordinated the technical and marketing activities of the entire program to bring the kind of visibility the program needed to include researchers from across the program. around the world who were looking for similar programs to deepen their understanding of writing impactful articles.

As a partner, Gulf Medical University has made a significant contribution to the development and conduct of the program. We appreciate the contributions of Professor Hossam Hamdy (Chancellor, Gulf Medical University), Professor Moon Moon Haque (Associate Dean, College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University) and Professor Sudhir Rana (College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University, United Arab Emirates), in conducting this program.

Commenting on the completion of the program, Prof. Athula Gnanapala (Dean, Faculty of Management Studies said that “we are delighted to be part of the successful collaboration in developing the research and publishing skills of academics around the world. believe this program has helped you improve your research skills. As academic institutions, it is our primary responsibility to develop the research and publishing skills of our scholars and students, which will pave the way for creation of a long-term knowledge economy This program was part of this ambitious goal, and we are keen to develop different programs to strengthen research and innovation in and outside the South Asian region.

Prof. MSM Aslam, Chairman of the Research and Publication Unit (FMS, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka), said that “we can see that most of the academic institutions in the region have deviated from his mandate, it is necessary to develop research and innovation. skills of academics to stimulate any economy. Most of the time we intend to point out that this is a responsibility of the government, but I see it as a responsibility of academic / professional institutions. As a result, we implemented this program with support from Emerald Publishing, Gulf Medical University, GIFT University, and a few other institutions to answer the same question.

Mr. Sundar Radhakrishnan, Vice President, Emerald Publishing – South Asia, said: “We are delighted to have been associated with this initiative by the University of Sabaragamuva. It is heartwarming to see the kind of enthusiasm and preparation Sri Lanka shows towards a high quality research publication and how Sabaragamuva is pioneering events like these. I am hearing from my team that the response to the series has been very good and that thousands of people have signed up and benefited from all over the world which makes our association with the event even more satisfying. I want to personally thank all of those great minds who worked together to put this in place and make this webinar series a huge success. We look forward to working closely with other such initiatives from Sabaragamuva and Sri Lanka in general. “

Dr. Moon Moon Haque, Dean of the College of Healthcare Economics and Management, said, “These types of events and collaborations are needed. Academic institutions from different regions and allied academic partners should work together to achieve the common goal of conducting and publishing impactful research. I thank FMS, University of Sabaragamuwa and Emerald Publishing for sharing this vision with us and supporting this joint venture.

The program coordinators, Professor Jayantha N Dewasiri, Professor Sudhir Rana, Ms. Sangeeta Menon and Professor Kashif Saeed are excited about the program’s competition and believe that this program marks the beginning of the achievement of the overarching goal. to support and build the research community on such a large scale. We are extremely grateful to our institutions and participants for their warm response and continued association.

As an extension of the Writing Impactful Research (WIR) program and as a post-conference engagement of ICMR 2021, the Faculty of Management Studies introduced the Research Mentorship Program (RMP) in collaboration with Emerald Publishing and Gulf Medical University. As a result, papers presented at the conference will be eligible for a two-month post-mentoring program on how to write and publish impactful manuscripts. The research mentorship program has several advantages. The RMP committee will appoint highly recognized researchers as mentors of your research and organize one-on-one sessions with the mentor to improve your manuscript. In addition, the committee has introduced a series of interactive workshops to improve the quality of your manuscript. Thus, 08 workshops will be carried out in two months. There are many opportunities for publication in reputable journals and best article awards given for each track in this conference. This is the first time that a research conference has been combined with a post-mentoring program to improve the research and publishing skills of conference presenters in Sri Lanka.

By Professor Jayantha N. Dewasiri
Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Brand Ambassodor – South Asia: Emerald Publsihing

Miss Sangeeta Menon
Head of Editorial Relations
Éditions Émeraude, India.

Prof Sudhir Rana
Assistant professor
Gulf Medical University, United Arab Emirates.


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